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General Board / Re: Gap Analysis Matrix
« on: April 07, 2016, 08:28:33 pm »
Hi Phil, and all

Update: using EA 12.1.1225 things haven't progressed.

It gets worse: you can only create new gap elements from the "Missing/Eliminated" right-hand column and from the "New" bottom row. We have a legitimate reason to want to do it within the grid too: we're considering an AS-IS baseline architecture and a TO-BE target architecture, and looking at how the roles of <<ApplicationComponent>>s may be enhanced or reduced role in the target operating model. Someone in the team has painstakingly added Gap Notes within the grid, now we want to report on them so we want to turn them into model elements to overcome the limitation of the Gap Matrix. Can't.

Does anyone where the Gap Notes are stored in the backend database (we're on MS-SQL).

Agree - thanks Geert.

Good Karma for giving the confidence to apply time to this.  8)
I'll update with what we finally arrive at as a solution: another aspect we're looking to achieve is producing the output as a spreadsheet artefact, with data filter, embedded in a master document, and automate the process completely.

Hi Geert

I'd noticed the SQL fragments, but wasn't sure it would work as the query in our model view creates derived columns e.g.

COALESCE(dest.Name,destCls.Name) + '_AND_' + COALESCE(src.Name,srcCls.Name) [InterfaceName]

When you say "maybe" - do you know that this will work?



Hi All

There are two very different types of ModelView in EA. One is a model element, accessible from the toolbar on most diagram types, under Artifacts. The other is the Ctrl-Shift-5 "Model Views" window.
I'm asking about is the model element type, which we're currently using to display interface catalogues (see the TOGAF model template for an example).

They work nicely. But the document generation capability in EA disregards it. I can create a template to output the interface connectors, so that's not a major problem. But stakeholders want an output which looks very much like the one you can see in the model. We could do that by running the SQL script directly on the database and export the results to Excel. But that's not joined up when it comes to managing complete documents from place.

Any ideas?



Hi Gayle
That sounds like a neat trick, and of general use. Have you thought about posting it somewhere?
Does the diagram auto-refresh or can you place an "update" button on it to run the script?

Hi Gayle
I recommend you download a trial of eaDocX - I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.
It'll give you HTML tabulated (and hyperlinked) model content.
With the collaboration edition, you can even get non-model stakeholders to provide feedback in one place for all to see.
You can then take that feedback and push it through into the model from the document.
Hope that helps!

Let me playback what I think you want:
Produce output which combines model output with externally "generated" stuff.
A very good option would be to use eaDocX (I have no commercial interest - just a happy user).
You can place various sections in an external document that are interlaced with the existing content in that document.
One use case is to use an external document template with header, TOC, disclaimer, etc and ensure model output goes into the appropriate sections.
eaDocX document generation will not trample all over the existing content, just squirt in what you want, where you want.
What's more, in one of the editions, you can manage the documents within the model.
I don't think it let's you generate HTML in this way (i.e. interlacing model content and other content), but having produced a Word document you could save as HTML.

Then you won't have to script.

Hopefully I've understood your problem and this is a viable solution for you.

If you're running on OSX, are you:
  • also running Microsoft Office under Crossover? In which case you may encounter the same issues seen running script within Office as you do within EA;
  • or running Office for Mac? In which case, have Sparx stated MDG fo Office integrates with Office for Mac?

I don't these questions help, but I'd like to understand your experience too as I use a Mac at home.

I can't answer definitively, but it would make sense for the file to be imported to be used as a Sample when creating a profile: surely it's just reading it as an aid to creating a mapping in the (separate) profile file and therefore shouldn't need to write to the "Sample". Thus the sample could then be the source? But perhaps this isn't allowed, and could be why we're having a related problem - see this thread:,30337.0.html
Let's hope we get an answer  :)

Hi Stu_Cox
I have also failed to import the relationships between two types of thing, from an Excel spreadsheet.
It looks as though it's going to work in stepping through the dialogue windows (unlike the other thread:,30348.0.html).
And it looks as though it has worked in the import log output window.
But it simply fails to create objects in the browser.
In disbelief, we even exported the package to XMI and searched on the XML - and saw the items that should have been created! Reloading the package content has no effect.
In further disbelief, we searched on the items in the model and they came up in the search results, but "find in browser" does not work.
Now I've written all this down, I think we have a bug report!?!?
Time to submit one. I'll reference this thread and ask support to post a response here.
Cheers and Namaste!

General Board / Re: Keyboard shortcuts
« on: February 20, 2016, 01:22:39 am »
All good, thank you. I prefer the reference card as it fits nicely below my monitor.
Hopefully they are all consistent even if not the same!  :)

General Board / Re: Keyboard shortcuts
« on: February 17, 2016, 02:27:48 am »
Thank you - more good Karma :-)

General Board / Re: Keyboard shortcuts
« on: February 17, 2016, 01:13:39 am »
I wonder if, 14 years on, anyone has found / made a list of EA shortcuts?

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