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Suggestions and Requests / Re: Relationship Matrix Filtering
« on: March 22, 2016, 10:57:47 pm »
This is an old topic but I'm looking for the same sort of functionality today so.... +1 on the original post.

Do you have a metaclass element named "Requirement" with an Extension connector from "titleRequirement"? And do you have an abstract stereotype element named "SysML1.4::extendedRequirement" with a Generalization connector from "titleRequirement"? You will need both.

KP's post showed me where I went wrong.  Three elements are needed on the profile diagram.  The instructions I'd presumably not followed carefully enough are these, especially steps 3 to 7:

I picked up further hints from KP's post to get the naming of my elements appropriate.

I've added three images here that should help illustrate what I think works for me:
(Not sure if the images are visible because of my local corporate network restrictions - I'll fix from home tonight if necessary).

Thanks all for your responses.

General Board / Profiles and how to extend SysML extendedRequirement.
« on: March 22, 2016, 02:42:28 am »
When working with requirements written by my customers I often have "requirements" that are actually "titles" and "information" rather than actual requirements.  I want to include these in my model - there's value for myself and my customer to do so.   I'm using SysML 1.4 which has an <<extendedRequirement>> type from which  <<functionalRequirement>>, <<interfaceRequirement>>, <<designConstraint>> and others are based.

I'd like to add two more stereotypes, based on <<extendedRequirement>> called "titleRequirement" and "informationRequirement".

I think I do that using a Profile but I'm finding that an overwhelming subject and haven't succeeded yet.  Here's what I've been trying:

I can see my profile in the toolbox but I can't see my new titleRequirement type.   What have I missed or done wrong?

I'm using EA 12.1 (1228) System Engineering Edition and sysML 1.4.

SOLVED:  This post is to confirm that the hints natvig provided have clarified and solved my query in real project use.  Good advice, thanks natvig.

General Board / Re: Export/Import to upgrade SysML elements.
« on: March 21, 2016, 09:43:27 pm »
Here is the response I've had from Sparx Support about upgrading model elements from SysML 1.0 to SysML 1.4:
[...]there is no migration script from SysML 1.0, so you will need to be a bit clever, although CSV import will be able to do some of it.

For converting diagrams, you can export to XMI, open in a text editor, search for "MDGDgm=", replace "SysML1.0" with "SysML1.4" then re-import.

For stereotypes that have tagged values, you will probably find that SysML 1.4 has some new tagged values that aren't added in the CSV import. For these, you can right-click the stereotype in the Diagram Toolbox and choose "Synchronize" and that will update the tagged values for all elements in the model with that stereotype.

For other features, such as the new way of representing Units and Quantity Kinds, you will probably need to make the changes manually.

I'm still working on my upgrade.  I hope to post a summary when I've had final success (or failure).

General Board / Re: Export/Import to upgrade SysML elements.
« on: March 16, 2016, 11:46:01 pm »
I've edited my original post to include greater detail of the changes I'm making in the CSV file.

General Board / Re: Export/Import to upgrade SysML elements.
« on: March 16, 2016, 09:40:29 pm »
I should add that the Sparx website includes a section on migrating SysML versions:

  • That appears to be for migrating from SysML 1.1 upwards.  I need to do a pre-SysML 1.1 migration (i.e. the old SysML add-on)
  • I'm not sure how to use the script!

General Board / Export/Import to upgrade SysML elements.
« on: March 16, 2016, 08:54:28 pm »
I'm using EA 12.1 SysEng Edition and SysML 1.4 however I started my model without the SysEng Edition (so without the built-in SysML) and using the old MDG SysML add-on.

I'm now not-using the old SysML addon and have selected Extensions, MDG Technologies..., SysML1.4 (and deselected all other SysML versions).

I therefore want to "update" or "upgrade" the elements in my model to SysML 1.4 stereotypes.  I understand the technique to do that is with an Export-to-csv, edit the csv, import-from-csv workflow.  This isn't working for me.  Here's what I'm doing:

Right click on a package (or view) in the Project Browser and select Import/Export, CSV Import/Export...
Create a Specification (I call it "All") and press the Edit/New button to detail it:
   Delimiter = ,
   Select Element Fields: Name, Type, GUID, Stereotype and Full Qualified Stereotype.
Run the export (including Subfolders and Column Names).
Edit the generated .csv file (e.g. Excel):
   In column "Type" for the ValueTypes: change from "Class" to "DataType".
   In column "Stereotype" for the ValueTypes: change "valueType" to "ValueType".
   In column "Fully Qualified Stereotype":
         change: "SysML Block Definition::block" to "SysML1.4::block"
         change: "SysML Block Definition::valueType" to "SysML1.4::ValueType"
Save the new csv file and import.
EA reports that is updating all the elements but the elements are not actually updated in EA to SysML 1.4 elements. 

The import has been performed in that if I change the name of the element in the CSV file, that change is seen in the model after the import.  The element types are not changed though.

Am I missing a step or doing something wrong?

That's a clear explanation, thank you natvig.   I've had a quick play and I think you're right: I must use right-click  'Synchronise Structural Elements' and right-click 'Structural Elements...' more,  and dragging from the Project Browser less.

I'll report back after further, real project, usage.

I've got the same or similar question about nesting on IBDs.  I'm recycling this unanswered topic as the subject line fits my question and the explanation might overlap.

I can demonstrate my problem/question using mike08's example:

* On a BDD I create three blocks and call them A, B and C.

* Using the Composition connector I show that C is a "part" of B and that B is a "part" of A.  The solid diamond shows the parent-child, whole-part, composition.  And in addition the "property" compartment in A shows :B and B's property compartment shows :C.  All good, I like this.
And in the Project Browser I see that :B is under A and :C is under B.

* I then create an IBD for A.  Onto that diagram I can drag, from the browser, part :B as a link.  I can also drag :C, as a link, onto the IBD to the side of :B.   This does not show the nesting, whole-part relationship.

* Alternatively I can drop :C over the rectangle of :B to show the nesting in the IBD.   At this point in the project browser, and on the BDD, the properties for B no longer shows :C. In the project browser :C is shown as a child of :B under block A.  And on the BDD :C is no longer in the properties compartment of B.

Can someone explain why nesting the properties on an IBD removes the nested properties from the parent block's "properties" compartment in the BDD?

I hope you can follow my example.  I'm using EA 12.1 and SysML 1.4.

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