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General Board / How to generate "Line-Diagrams" for Reporting
« on: March 10, 2016, 03:06:47 am »

maybe I'm totally confused. I want to use Time series chart to depict graphically the progress of implementation of e.g. requirements based on steps I defined e.g. every delivery from supplier. This diagram has to be refreshed, when generating a new report (headword: virtual documents). But the time series chart element generates results seemingly based on execution. This ist not what i need. Does anyone know how to generate such graphics within EA (12.1/1228)?

I need a tip urgently, thanks in advice


General Board / Check Project Data Integrity Recover/Clean runs to EA crash
« on: February 25, 2016, 01:31:01 am »
the Function "Check Data Integrity Check" finds some problems  on object features an Connectors (EAP-file). A run on recover/clean of Object Features works, but if I start recover/clean on Connectors (also separate), EA (Version 12.1 - 1228) crashes (-> Dialog with order to close program).
The check finds "invalid lin geometry (Missing Diagram) and Invalid connector (Association) the proposed Action is always deletion. I find in my backup no version with connector-Problems that runs recover/clean without crash.


Hello Gusztav,

I do have similar use case an do also have some problem. For some of them please see topic,30327.0.html.
Also based on an BUG Report mentioned MDG Integration for MS Office (Excel Export/Importer) and the description of the use case (like yours) with the bidirectional synchronising data (e.g. Requirements) in the excel-file and the model, I do get following Info from Sparx

" ... Regarding the Import vs. Export Profiles we will be looking into amalgamating these. ...

1. Why is column A (GUID) added - The ‘GUID’ is added in column A to allow synchronization,  the user is expected to skip column A (Hidden by the exporter) and start configuring Headers from Column B.
2. We have just exported a sample model with this settings and noticed that, when ‘Generate Headers’ is off, the Exporter is expected to retain the header definitions, and just introduce a column to the right, but looks like its been overwritten (BUG). We will get this investigated immediately.


for the sake of completeness this task mentioned.
I do get the Information from Sparx, that the Problem with the _x000D_ ist solved and ist expected to be included in the next build. This should be EA 12.1 > Build 1228

Besides the Problem with the Type Change of the stereotyped Requirment is also idetified as BUG an will be fixed (expected in next build)

Hello Geert,

I do find another solution to "repair" the Modell. I export the original notes with csv export and import them in the Modell wird the _x000D_ Notes using UTF('8') as code page. But this can only be a workaround. The Problem with the MDG Integration for MS Office is therby not resolved.

A Question to your importer. I find an anotation that the macro used for ElementAndAttribute Tab does work well only with class-Element? I need to apply on requirements (requirements defined in my own profile under inclusion of MDG SysML1.4)


Hallo Geert

thanks for reply. I do an bug-notice to sparx systems. I also be afraid in having much more trouble. I now recognise that the Notes are changed.  I did export them too and now, after reimport I do have _x000D_ in all the elements. Does you have/anyone  an idear (setting at EA or Excel?). I use Jet3.5, but i'm not sure if this is essential?



I want to change the type of Requirement to a type, which has been defined in my own MDG Technology which uses SysML 1.4 and added tagged values(seperate tab in Properties-Dialog beside SysML1.4-tab).
Proceeding: 1. I export the Requierement via MDG Integr. for MS Office Excel-Exporter to excel File (with GUID). 2. Change the Stereotype to the desired "funktionaleAnforderung" 3. Reimport via MDG Integr. for MS Office (successful)
Result: A lot of Requirements changed type, but some Requirement elements doesn't changed (seen in diagram). In Projektbrowser i do see first the desired stereotype, but after selekting in projektbrowser it resets to origin requirement stereotype <<requirement>>. Exporting it again, shows the desired stereotype for all Requirements.

What happens...?  Using EA Version 12.1 (1225), some Requirements in foretime with EA 11 created

I do have created my own MDG based on SysML. Unfortunatly it seems not be possible to say something like use MDG SysML and extend it. No metaclass have to be an UML Type and use SysML by Generalisation like described in Help(Extension ...). But on my own defined Diagramm ( metaclass Diagram_Logical)  i do have the effect that the Arrow(deals with FlowProperty in SysML) on the Port-Element is not shown. The link of the same Element in a SysML BDD shows them. I believe that there is a dependency to a Shape-Script in relation to the diagramtype. But i do not know where and i don't want to reimplement SysML-BDD appearance. How can I reuse direct the MDG SysML diagramtypes in my own MDG with a different name to connect it with my own toolboxes and to be select by e.g. the New diagramm Dialog (Select from <myMDG>)


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