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I am creating an Activity Diagram using a CSV import, to import all of my activities and partitions. Two issues that I am facing are:

1. I am not able to import the relationships using the CSV import. I have seen in a different thread that Geert has produced a tool that could be modified to address this issue - I am still struggling on getting that to work for me though.

2. My second issue, and the purpose of this thread, is that when I import my activities and partitions, there are no links between the two. I therefore have to place all activities into the right partition - I believe that there is no work around for that. What I would like to be able to do however, is once I place an activity into a particular partition, produce a report that could show that this activity is in this partition - is that something that is feasible using an RTF template? I have not been able to identifiy the partition as an attribute or metadata of an activity in any way.

Many thanks in advance,

Bugs and Issues / Manage Baselines menu item not available
« on: January 28, 2016, 04:35:01 am »
Hello - apologies if this is a basic question, or misplaced!

I am a relatively new EA user - currently using EA to model corporate real estate business processes.

I have previously been able to take Baselines of my model or packages - however, I am not able to view the 'Manage Baselines' option in the Package menu item for any of my models any more.

It would be much appreciated of someone could help on this!

Many thanks,

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