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Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Event OnDropFromTree in Tree
« on: October 19, 2016, 07:01:16 pm »

is there any Event which recognizes that a package from Project Browser is draged to another Package.

Thank you all for your quick Support.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Add DiagramObjects Packages
« on: October 06, 2016, 09:45:36 pm »
I'm copying Packages (Export Import from a Library into a Project)
I've alread done that with otElements (Classes etc);

But my code doesn't work with packages.

What am i missing ?

                        EA.DiagramObject DO = dDiagram.DiagramObjects.AddNew(p.Name, "");

                        DO.ElementID = p.PackageID;



Hi,  i want that my control resizes when i resize the Addin Window.

the Addin resizes but my control stuck in hise size !

Im not able to reference (c#) the parent (Addin Window) and resize my Control

My Control contains a TabPageControl (and my tabTabPageControll fills the Control , but the control does not fill the AddInwindow when i resize it)

I tried everything but it doesn't work.

Thank you for your help

Is it possible to disable modifying Packages and their elements in the Project Browser ?
Please List all possibilities
 :'( :'( :'(

Hi i have a Default class with my stereotype (Picture in the right Corner)  (natvive shape + my Image in the right Corner).

the Stereotype is visible (text <<TestStereotype>> .
How can i Change the visibility of it to false?

if(HasProperty("stereotype", "TestStereotype"))


          something like TestStereotype.Visible=false; ???????????


at the end i want to see my native shape with my Image and nothing else !

Thank you all for your help

Hi ,
i have created my own Profile, everything is perfect. _Image and Icon works !

But i have included my Images with shapescript and added   "Image("xxxxxxxx.emf",0,0,100,100)" in shapescript.
when i want to deploy my XML Profile Icons are still there but Image is gone.

How can i fix this ?

Thanks :D

Hi is it Possible to create a ShapeScript which Looks just like a Class with a puzzlepiece in the right upper Corner.
Im only able to make the full Picture (class) representing the puzzle Piece i have designed .

Thank you for your help.


i'm copying Elements via drag and drop from my library (which i load from a xmi file) to my current Project.

Everything works fine and a Link is created, i can see it in the properties of Library Element and CopiedElement.

But when i try to get These Links again to Change them with my code, the Debugger says always that

newElement.Connectors.Count is 0 but when i look in ea at the properties of These Elements they have got a link.

Can someon tell me why i can create links but cannot read them ?

My aim is to create links form the copied element to his library Element.

EA.Connector aConnector;

            aConnector = newElement.Connectors.AddNew(name,type);
            aConnector.ClientID = newElement.ElementID;
            aConnector.SupplierID = aElement.ElementID;
            aConnector.Stereotype = "IsLibInstance";

Im dropping Elements from a Library to a Diagram.
This Creates a new Element in the diagram Package and adds the new Element to Diagram.

My Problem is :
 Is there anway to create the Diagramobject on the Position where it is droppedī?

I am Creating new Elements from a Library,
but my Problem is that the Context (selected) Item doesn`t Change.

f.e if i create Attribute ea automaticly changes the context to the new Attribute.

but this doesnt work with Operations and with Elements(Class Component etc).

is there any possibility to set the Context by the id or gui id ?

In my case i have to Trigger the on contextitemchanged Event with the new created Element.



existingElement = aPackage.Elements.AddNew(existingElement.Name, existingElement.Type);

In this case I am addin a new Element with Name and type of an existing element.

But i wann to create a new element with exact the same properties , requierements, Attribute, methods etc.

is there anyway without writing a lot of routines for copying everything ?

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Get alle Elements
« on: April 15, 2016, 08:10:45 pm »
at firs    i gave some elements ataggedvalue "isRegistred".

Now i want to see after an Event which Elements have this tag !

I know how to get a tag of the element,

but i don`t know how to get all Elements

and in a Routine then i want to check all elements if they have These tagged value.

1. How can i save all Elements in the open Project in EA.Element[] Array ??
2. The id of aRoot i only can get with parentid not with package id  , i have wrote a recursive Routine,
which should find the Root but i always get a Message id not found, if i hardcode it i only can get it with parentid ?

How can i get The Name of the opened Project ?
like f.e. myTextboxName=Attribute.Name;


i have created a own library which creates a new element in the package of the diagram in which i drop it.

1. The element is copied into the package but ea asks always if iwant to creat a link or instance. How can i disable that for my  library ?

2. How is  it possible to create a Link of the element ,that i have created in the diagram package ?

thank you for your help

Hi i want to drop an Element(Class) from the ProjectTree into a diagram.
And i want that a copy is created from the choosen Element into the package of the diagram

so far iwrote this

int iddiagram = int.Parse(Info.Get("DiagramID").Value);
            int idelement = int.Parse(Info.Get("ElementID").Value);
            int packageid=Repository.GetDiagramByID(iddiagram).PackageID;

            EA.Element aElement=Repository.GetElementByID(idelement);
            EA.Package aPackage=Repository.GetPackageByID(packageid);


but how can i realize this drag and drop ?

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