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Do somebody know how can i make a difference between  TheRoot(Package), Views(Packages), Packages.
if i try to get just packages f.e. with the objectType: otPackage, it picks all of them.
But i want to get them seperatly.

Because i want to drop Elements from a Root Package (mylibrary) to a view View Package or normal Package and i want my Plugin to recognize if the dropped Package(is an other root, view or package.

Top Feedback.
Thank you !

thank you,
worked for me have cut the string.
it give the path back

greetz Ceronimo

How can i get The Name of the opened Project ?
like f.e. myTextboxName=Attribute.Name;


i have created a own library which creates a new element in the package of the diagram in which i drop it.

1. The element is copied into the package but ea asks always if iwant to creat a link or instance. How can i disable that for my  library ?

2. How is  it possible to create a Link of the element ,that i have created in the diagram package ?

thank you for your help

thanks a lot
 ;D ;D ;D ;D

I have to doucments
one i bought Scripting ea.
the other one is the sdk documentation.

and ive searched now 2-3 hours i used search in Adobe but i dont find anything.
if i ssearch the Event in Google it is the same.

Can you please give me a link how to use this Event.

Or an example ?

Greetz Ceronimo

i dont know how to get the id`s from both

i saw this

EA_OnPreDropFromTree(EA.Repository Repository, EA.EventProperties Info)

but i dont know how this Event works  and which id it gives to me

Hi i want to drop an Element(Class) from the ProjectTree into a diagram.
And i want that a copy is created from the choosen Element into the package of the diagram

so far iwrote this

int iddiagram = int.Parse(Info.Get("DiagramID").Value);
            int idelement = int.Parse(Info.Get("ElementID").Value);
            int packageid=Repository.GetDiagramByID(iddiagram).PackageID;

            EA.Element aElement=Repository.GetElementByID(idelement);
            EA.Package aPackage=Repository.GetPackageByID(packageid);


but how can i realize this drag and drop ?

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Position of The Added Tab
« on: April 04, 2016, 04:41:37 pm »
How can i select the Position of the tab, which i have created with Addtab() ?
I want it to dock under the Project tree ?

How can i open a tab after a Diagram is selected on the projectbrowser.

f.e. something like --> OnDiagramOpen() addtab

i have added with addtab() my own user control. Everything works fine and i can use all possibilities of the Windows forms.
Now i want create a  tree similiar to the Project tree, but iwant to use it as a library where i can drop elements on diagrams.

It shouls look the Project Tree

f.e. Lib contains class and component.

later i want to use it for my own modified elements.

My Problem is:  How can i add them to the TreeView in the User Control ?

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