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When part of a glossary term in the note flows to the next line, the underlining of the term and link to glossary disappears. The problem is still present in EA13.

Anyone else who finds this annoying please submit bug report.

General Board / Re: New Beta
« on: July 25, 2016, 11:47:12 pm »
Now, please describe me how it is more useful than menu while looking at my screenshot of ribbon in EA window snapped to the side of monitor (a most useful feature of the windows since windows 7). I just love columns of icons all the same - you have to click those to learn what they do. Yup, that is a new age of usability.

I love ribbons! 8) 8) 8)

The problem with them is that when people are used to using a technology, it's difficult to change, even if the new technology is far better. See menu vs ribbons, MP3 vs many other better audio codecs, Windows Start menu vs tiles and so on...

Please people try to use ribbons for a couple of week before discard them... Advantages are great and the effort to be used to this technology is little compared to the advantages...

General Board / EA13 menus
« on: July 22, 2016, 07:24:52 am »
EA13 have hidden menu bar and put the ribbon on top. The documentation still includes menus and menu sets. But I can not figure out how to show menus instead of ribbon, or at least alongside with ribbon. Is it possible at all?

General Board / Installing EA 13 alongside with EA 12
« on: July 21, 2016, 11:25:48 pm »
Is it possible to install both versions on the same computer and use them interchangeably? Or will installing 13 replace any other installed version, as happens with the free reader version?

Simon, I'm working on a Mac and they have quite strict style guides which most people take serous. I know that in the Windoze world this is taken quite sloppy.

I do not regularly use mac since 10.4, but at the time I felt all serious consideration of User Interface guideline ended with os 8, and UI became really incoherent with OS X. My later encounters with macs just reconfirmed my choice to stay away from that UI.

Anyhow, using mostly Windows and Linux, I can pretty much in every application rely on the following d&d behavior in hierarchical lists:
  • when you drag over an item that can contain other items (folder), the item gets highlighted to indicate that; when you drop in that position, the load goes inside the target item.
  • when you drag over an item that can not contain others, or on the margin of a folder, the expected insert position is indicated as a line after the target item, whil target item is not highlighted; when you drop, the load is inserted after the target item.

You can check this behavior, for example, on firefox on any platform (other than mac) when dragging bookmarks in bookmarks menu. On mac I believe xcode has the described behavior for project files list.

Currently the project browser supports drag and drop for moving objects into other object. But in order to change the order of objects at the same level, one has to use arrow buttons in toolbar. This interface is so much, well, outdated and inconvenient, you would not find it anywhere in modern applications.

I find that I often need to reorder objects when working with requirements. I hope a better way to reorder can be included in next major release of EA

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