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General Board / Re: Sequence diagrams with Shape scripts
« on: August 15, 2016, 05:03:36 pm »
Sorry what I meant by C was - I think you can set a diagram to show the native elements only (thus bypassing any shape scripted presentation).
if that were the case, I could use that, but I remember reading it somewhere, but cannot find reference to it anymore.

if you can check the diagram type, and drawnativeshape though, that would be my first choice.
How on earth do you reference a diagram type? I have searched Google a multitude of times for thsi, and never found out how.

Thanks Gys

Will do thanks.
I too would guess it should not take too much work to use the same icon as the toolbox

General Board / Sequence diagrams with Shape scripts
« on: August 14, 2016, 02:10:16 pm »
Apologies in advance I have 4 questions :

Question 1
Can we have an image upload facility on this forum please? I know it is not a support forum, but there are a lot of very experienced subject matter experts that contribute  and provide a lot of help to the community. It would be great to help demonstrate and communicate with screen shots etc.

Question 2

I have created a series of shape script elements, based on UML components, with the purpose of being able to use them in sequence diagrams.

However, when I come to use them, they are re-sized the wrong shape, and all writing etc. disappears off the screen between compartments.

Is there anyway I can
a) Check the diagram type and re-shape back to original for sequence diagrams
b) Make the element self size correctly, overwriting the Sequence defaults
c) (I think i came across this somewhere), create a default sequence diagram with native shapes set by default
d) Set an alternative image to be used (do we have an image of native components?) or script when added onto a sequence diagram?

Question 3

Is it possible to remove all the excess attributes from an element such as component? e.g. Constraints, requirements, alias, priority etc? I'm trying to make this user friendly as possible for Business Architects.

Question 4
Are there any methods to remove the original Icons from Shape scripted elements from the traceability menu, and the package element when on a diagram?

Sorry for being so greedy.

General Board / Re: SPARX on different channels
« on: August 14, 2016, 02:03:06 pm »
Great thanks I'll give it a try.

From what I thought though, this is a client app? We want something to access when on the move within the organisation.
It gets a but monotonous having to keep saying "Let me go back to my desk to check".

I have use few other products and they provide this facility, just wondering if EA did yet, I'm been using 9.n for the last year or so and not sure of all the new features).

Does anyone know if there are any issues with the Generate HTML function?
For almost a year now in different organisations, on different desktops I get a successfully exported, with an explanation mark,
but every time I try it run it in either a Chrome, IE or Edge browser, it tells me all the files were not properly exported.


General Board / SPARX on different channels
« on: August 13, 2016, 05:50:43 pm »
Does anyone know if there are any alternatives to publishing SPARX repositories other than the HTML reporting?

This is very temperamental for us (Java script enablement limitations etc. etc) and is flooded with technical distractions in the default, not the kind of information we would want to expose business stakeholders too, which after all is the point of Enterprise Architecture.

I'm not sure it Sparx has got to that level yet of customizing the published output of if it can work with Mobile devices etc?

Anyone know?


Apologies if this is discussed somewhere already, I have had a search through and can't find anything.

I have created my own custom MDG based upon UML for non technical users. I cannot change the Icons in the traceability screen however, or when you drag a package containing custom shape scripts and icons on to a diagram, they refer back to their old component icons.

This defeats the object for me a little, as all the custom shapescripts are of component metatypes, so they all have the same icon, and mit makes it very difficult to separate in this menu.

Does anyone know how this is done please?

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