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General Board / Re-use existing MDG diagrams within a custom MDG?
« on: June 05, 2018, 06:59:17 pm »
I am creating a custom MDG, with some custom diagrams.

I would like to include some SysML diagrams in my custom MDG - I don't need to customise them (which the user guide implies is not possible anyway as only built-in diagrams can be extended). Is it possible to do this?
I realise that I might need to add a customisation (I found that was the only way to get a base diagram to be included - my customisation was simply to override the description with the same words as the original!).

I'm trying to make it easy for the user, so that they only need to select the diagram types that I have selected as relevant rather than sometimes selecting diagrams from my custom MDG Technology and sometimes selecting diagrams from the SysML Technology.

I note that it is possible to extend SysML elements (although I don't intend to do that) - I am unsure why I would want to extend SysML elements if I can't specify the SysML diagrams in a custom MDG, so possibly can somehow include the SysML diagram types.

Thanks for the reply - today it works as expected, which is confusing (maybe I did something wrong last week).

A bit annoyingly (and contradicting KP), the RTF file must be in the ModelPattern directory within the EA installation even if the XML file is elsewhere. I wonder if this is a bug? If not it would be helpful if a future update were made so that the XML and RTF file could be distributed - currently the XML pattern can be distributed with the MDG Technology to other users, but they would need to copy the RTF file to a specific location.

How do I associate an RTF describing my model pattern with the model pattern wizard? In EA14, each wizard has an associated description page in the right hand pane (right click a package and select "Add model using wizard).

In the Q&A from a recent webinar I found:
"Will the MDG Technology Framework allow us to create new pattern types and include things about new features?
Model Wizard patterns are normally distributed with an MDG technology. The patterns exist as separate XMI files from the MDG Technology file, and need to be copied to the EA ModelPatterns directory in your installation path."

So, I have created my MDG Technology with a model pattern that the wizard uses to generate a pattern. That all works. I have created an RTF (with the same filename as the XML) and moved both files to the directory alongside the EA supplied patterns (and changed the MTS file to mirror the location). But my RTF does not get displayed in the right hand pane of the Model Patterns wizard. Just to confirm that EA was correctly picking up my pattern I moved my files out and the wizard does nothing.

So, back to my starting question, what have I missed that is not displaying my RTF alongside my pattern wizard?

General Board / Re: Glossary
« on: May 09, 2018, 05:11:57 pm »
Yes it is possible to extract them without getting cropped lines. How are you currently extracting the glossary?

I use document generation to generate a document fragment in Word format and don't get cropped entries (long definitions word wrap in a table as would any long line of text in Word).

General Board / Re: Export elements from several subpackages to CSV
« on: February 19, 2018, 07:04:23 pm »
If you right-click on the parent package and select Import/Export - CSV Import/Export, then there is a tick-box for "Include Subfolders", which is ticked by default (at least on mine). If you build a specification with the appropriate items then it will export sub-packages as well.

General Board / Re: Diagram Title / Details Block
« on: February 09, 2018, 01:42:52 am »
Right click on the diagram background, Select Diagram and Show Diagram Details shows some basic information about the diagram. I presume the information is fixed which would not cover all of the items in your list.

How about using an element and tagged values? I'm not sure which element would be best, but a Requirement might work - you could use the Name for the drawing title and then define tagged values for each of your other fields. You could probably even create a custom shape pre-loaded with all your desired tags and create an MDG Technology so that it appears in your own custom toolbox.

General Board / Re: Creating a Navigation Cell from a Matrix Profile
« on: January 11, 2018, 10:46:40 pm »
They have probably been designed for diagrams but do work for a matrix.

I've just found a quicker way of generating them:
  • Drop a hyperlink onto the diagram, selecting the desired matrix
  • Change the Stereotype to NavigationCell

The only disadvantage is that it is not possible to select the images that diagram navigation cells have.

Not sure about action pins specifically, but on some elements the source of an element is hidden by unchecking "Show Namespace" found by right clicking on the diagram, select properties and then the Diagram selection and then within Appearance.

I was dropping ValueType elements, so I have changed and dropped a Property on - all works now.

If anyone else comes across this in the future, it is necessary to change the Type by opening the Property element and in the dialog under Properties - Property selecting a Value Type. Confusingly, the Type in the Properties window (not the dialog that is visible when opened from the element in the Project Browser) is not editable. That's too many uses of the word Type in windows/dialogs labelled Property but doing different things for my mind to cope with!

General Board / Creating a Navigation Cell from a Matrix Profile
« on: January 05, 2018, 02:03:12 am »
What is the correct way to generate a Navigation Cell for a matrix?

If I create a Navigation Cell from a diagram and and a Matrix hyperlink, I can then copy the link in the hyperlink onto the Navigation Cell so that the Navigation Cell opens the Matrix rather than the diagram. But... in doing so the nice image of the Navigation Cell disappears (and I shouldn't really have to copy the hyperlink!). There is a nice matrix image available in the Navigation Cell image library so hopefully there is a better way.

So, I have added Value Type elements to the diagram and they are in the Project Browser, but when I delete them off the diagram they do not appear in a "values" compartment. I do have "ports" and "parts" compartments (and they correctly follow the behaviour that if the element is on the diagram then it is not listed in the compartment; as soon as I delete them from the diagram then they appear in the compartment).

I think I am doing something wrong in dropping the ValueType element onto the Block - the parts and ports are constrained in the diagram to be within the boundary of the Block. The ValueType elements can be dragged anywhere on the diagram. Where they are on the diagram determines where they are in the Project Browser (they become a sub-element of the Block when dropped on top of it).

According to page 21, Block elements can display any number of compartments. A ValueType element should appear in a "values" compartment.

I have turned on everything I can find under the Diagram Properties and the element's Features & Properties dialogues but cannot get ValueTypes to appear in a "values" compartment. I can get the ports compartment to display (if I delete the port from the diagram after creation). I can create a new Port by right-clicking on the element and selecting New Child Element. Similarly flow properties that are created as a child and deleted from the diagram show in a "flow properties" compartment.

I can't create a ValueType as a child element from that menu, but having created a Value Type I have moved it manually to make it a child of my Block element, but even then it doesn't appear in a compartment. There might be a clue in not being able to create a ValueType from the right-click menu, but that then also contradicts the SysML Models Guide.

I am using SysML 1.4, but have tried 1.3 as well and that is no different.

General Board / Re: Exclude connector type has no effect
« on: December 15, 2017, 12:22:30 am »
Are you using a "Defined Document" that you have created and "Auto Generate"? I have raised a bug report with Sparx that doing that the filters are not obeyed, with an acknowledgement that it will be fixed in a future release. They work fine if you first select from the Defined Document "Generate Document" and then "Generate".
If you have excluded all connectors then anything that you are reporting on in relation to connectors ought to have been filtered out.
I also seem to recall seeing some incorrect effects introduced on some of the version 13 beta releases in relation to document generation, but subsequently fixed after I reported them. So it might be worth trying a different version (either the latest or an older one depending on your current version) to see whether it behaves differently - it may be that you are correctly specifying the filter but it is not being obeyed in whichever version of EA you have installed.

General Board / Re: Adding Borders
« on: December 12, 2017, 11:59:54 pm »
That's ok - it's what the forum is for (and I've had my share of answers before).

General Board / Re: Adding Borders
« on: December 12, 2017, 02:16:43 am »
Did you want the border on the diagram in the model, or when it is exported? There is an option to add the border and diagram name to exported images? I think the name is on the top left (but stand to be corrected) - the option is in the Preferences under Diagram - Diagram Frames.
Just wondering as you mention fragments so you might be referring to saving the model as images.

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