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Hi Simon,

Thanks for the update.

Regarding to C# 6 support, I tried to generate a model from a simple C# 6 solution using Enterprise Architect Beta 1 and got the parsing errors on the following lines:

Code: [Select]
        private static readonly string url = $"path/v{version}/win-x{(Environment.Is64BitOperatingSystem ? "64" : "86")}/{exeFileName}";

Something wrong with support of string interpolation.

Code: [Select]
using static System.Diagnostics.SourceLevels;

Something wrong with support of importing static class.

I'll try to run EA 13 Beta 1 on one of my big .net solutions on Monday to see if I can catch anything else.

Thanks Geert!

Hi EA Team!

Can we get an update on the topic? Another thing I would like to ask are there any feasible plans to support C# 6 in Code Engineering?


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