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Bugs and Issues / Re: EA12 with Oracle repository is very slow
« on: October 18, 2016, 08:51:38 am »
In EA the SQL layer is not well written. Maybe they tried to "specify" some specialisation however they made wrong work.
They not use parametric sql, the parameters placeholders just replaced the value. Thats way Oracle must reparse every same sql hundreds, thousands (depends your size of model), and cannot use the statement cache.

I found a "bug" and slow execution. The problem is the classifier_id. In some table (eg. t_attribute, t_operation) the classifier_id is not number(10) but also varchar2(50 char). EA generate sql looks like "classifier_id = to_char(t_object.object_id)", thats way Oracle can't use index, because they need convert object_id and full table scan occurs.

I started a github project where gathering tips, what I found helpful to increase performance while Sparx fix EA with Oracle.

Suggestions and Requests / Support custom color is StandardChar
« on: September 12, 2016, 07:20:04 pm »
Please, add support custom color to 2D Bar in StandardChart!
The custom color usage help use the same colors in the legend and in the chart.

I usually create StandardCharts in diagrams to show completness of elements in diagrams.
Currently I need manually modify my SQL template in every diagram to replace diagram guid, to get their context.

select /*2016.09.07:11.08*/ decode(op.status,
                       null) "Series",
       nvl(op.problem, 'NotSet') "GroupName",,
  from ea.t_diagram d, ea.t_object o, ea.t_diagramobjects do
  left outer join ea.t_objectproblems op
    on do.object_id = op.object_id
 where d.ea_guid = '#DiagramGUID#'
   and do.diagram_id = d.diagram_id
   and (op.problem in ('CustomProblem') or op.object_id is null)
   and o.object_id = do.object_id
   and (o.object_type not in ('Note', 'Boundary', 'Text') and
       not (o.object_type = 'Class' and o.stereotype = 'Chart'))

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