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Thanks for information. Now i will try to model CAN communication with SysML.

Thank you,


Yes i have visited and tried to generate the code using examples. But, in my case i am not sure wheather it is possible to model the CAN communication for the controllers using state or sequence diagrams. I didnt found any example or papers which define the CAN communication between controllers.  As the previous posts and some other OMG manuals says (The UML, a visual modeling language, is not intended to be a visual programming language, in the sense of having all the necessary visual and semantic support to replace programming languages. The UML is a language for visualizing, specifying, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of a software-intensive system, but it does draw the line as you move toward code). So, i am trying to find a way to model the CAN communication between controllers if possible or to do the same using simulink if not possible. So, I want to know for sure

is it possible to model a diagram for CAN communication between controllers using UML diagrams? If so How?

Thank you


I want to simulate an Elevator system. It consists of 5 control units(hall control, motor control, Drive control and 2 Car controls). So, i have modeled this 5 control units using UML(State charts). Now my job is to establish communication between this 5 control units using CAN communication and make controlls send and receive commands with each other. And later generate code from the diagram and use this code for simulation in MATLAB/Simulink. So for this purpose i want to model a diagram (state chart or sequence ) and later generate code. If there is any way to do this please let me know.

Thank you

Note: I have posted this because it will give you a clear understanding of why i want to use CAN communication and code generation and also helps you to answer me if there is any possibilty. But, its not my intention to repeat the question.

Thaks for your answers,

If i want to communicate between 5 controllers using Control area network (CAN) communication, What diagrams i have to use? Is it better to model
CAN communication using state diagrams or Sequence diagrams? If there are any materials for CAN communication using uml or sysml models, please provide me. It will help me a lot.

Thank you


I knew that it is possible to generate code from State machine, activity and sequence diagrams. But, is there any possibility to generate code from communication diagram?

Thank you


is it possible to develop software, electrical and mechanical models in parametric diagram and then do a parametric simulation using open modelica?

or Generate code from all different domains and then integrate the generated code using mdg integration technology and simulate that code? (like audio player code generation example)

Thank You


I have modelled software requirements using state machine diagrams and sequence diagrams, state machine diagrams for HDL and parametric diagrams for mechanical model using sysml. Now i have to integrate this three models (software , Hdl and mechanical) diagrams and simulate later. Please let me know how can i implememt this?

Thank you

General Board / How to integrate SysML model with Simulink model?
« on: October 20, 2016, 03:41:53 am »
I want to integrate sysml models with simulink model. How can i do this? Please help me with this problem.

Thank you

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