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Thanks PeterHeintz

Here is the whole scenario.
I have created a diagram of type "Archimate 2" and nested type "Application Layer Diagram".I then created some ArchiMate_DataObject elements in the diagram.
These elements have some attributes and methods and they are not shown on the element in the diagram.
This is due to the fact that the Stereotype of the element is "ArchiMate_DataObject".
When this is removed the the element shows attributes and operations on the element. The background color of the element is also changed.

For me this is what was desired, although I don't know if this is the right approach.

Thanks for the feeback.

Shape scripted elements? What are they?
I am just using normal Archimate_DataObject and ERD_Entity elements from toolbox.

I am not able to attach a screenshot, otherwise it might have cleared things a bit. Clicking on image button just create a Image tag and I don't know what should be done next.

I have followed the instruction about how to display attributes and Methods on an element in a diagram but it isn't working.
I have followed instructions form this link.
What can be the reason that after all the checkbox ticked, nothing is being displayed?

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