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General Board / IIS + SPARX CLOUD, Installation problem
« on: October 26, 2016, 03:57:21 am »

I am trying to setup IIS + Cloud.

After 3 days of help from SPARX (Thank you for tips) i figured out (by myself..) that instruction have some bugs
(like there is nothing said about which user should start sparx cloud service - only in troubleshooting mention...).


Now I have working SPARX Cloud, connected to database, and Architect (trial) on the same server. They are working on ports 804, http - nprbl.

I configure IIS with module isapi, after it with module http (deleting isapi configuration) - but it still do not working... in both cases:
Architect answer: "The webservice is currently unavailable. Http Status Code: 404"
But on IE i can see on localhost IIS default webpage..

Look like IIS cannot go throuh HTTP/ISAPI module to SPARX Cloud...

Can any one say some help tips? I read that manual ten times so far..(and obviously www sparx manual pages)

Any one?


Of course firewall off
Of course Windows 2012R2 Standard + IIS8.5

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