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Yes, the requirement I'm facing is to have a modular implementation for each class, bounded to its own folder.

The scripting solution was the last hope for me. I was trying some trick with macro substitution into "Source Path" in the Source Code Engineering options, but according to your answer the tool can't do that directly.

I'm trying to generate .C files on a different path from .H files.
I would like to generate implementation files in a relative path to H ones, with the class name in the path.
I mean, if I've class MyClass1 and MyClass2 generating C:\sourcePath\include\MyClass1.h and C:\sourcePath\include\MyClass2.h  I'd like to get the implementation in relative path ..\className\className.c.
Resulting in the two implementation files C:\sourcePath\MyClass1\MyClass1.c and C:\sourcePath\MyClass2\MyClass2.c

I'm working on the "Source Path" of the Source Code Engineering options, but I'm not getting it...
Can anyone help?


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