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I have tried to create a bug report about the following, but had problems with the authentication. (update: authentication problem solved, bug has been reported).

Text in the Note element has unexpexted behaviour when selecting a Diagrams only Report. The note element has default values in the Diagram in EA, but in the Report is has a larger font and is bold and/or italic.
After testing different scenarios I found that there is a depencency between a text element created before the note element. If I change the font in the text element, the note also changes - but only in the report!

Ps. FYI - The text and note element are in a view modelled with ArchiMate 3, but I have not found any Connections.

How to recreate the problem (and how to work around it)
Select the Text element and write some text
Select the Note element and write some other text
Create a Diagrams only Report ("before")
Change the font size and make it bold and/or italic.
Create a new Diagrams only Report ("after").
The "after" report will show that both the Text and the Note has changed.
Work around:
Create a Text element with the desired font settings. Create the Note(s). NOTE: Do not remove the text element.

Bugs and Issues / Re: Icon Transparency
« on: November 30, 2016, 02:23:17 am »
I have the same problem - an Icon with transparent background is shown correct on the canvas and when creating a HTML report, but the transparency turns black when creating a diagrams only report. I work in v13, and creating diagrams in ArchiMate 3.

Thank you in advance

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