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Iím working on a project where the customer has provided some detailed rules about how to validate a type of document.  This validation gets used in a lot of places and I have created a use case that can be included in other use cases.  There are 5 possible outcomes from the validation use case, including success.

My issue is, that when including the use case in the structured specification of another use case I canít attach any exception paths to it to handle the 4 non successful outcomes.  I also canít handle the exception cases in the included use case because they are handled differently depending on context.  E.g. when validation is executed in the context to reviewing a document the errors are politely pointed out to the user. But if the validation is happens as part of submitting the document then all sorts of alerts can be raised.

This canít be the first to encounter this, so Iím looking for advice on the most appropriate way to document the handling of exceptions triggered by an included use case that need to be handled by the including use case.


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