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Bug report "Features" window includes an 'Interaction Points' tab that is not UML standard submitted.

In my opinion this is important because if we start adding non-metamodel features to the tool, eventually it will become unusable like many other CASE tools before it.

Such features should be in additional MDGs.

I will raise a bug report to Sparx as this seems to be a design error if there interaction points are not in UML 2.5 spec

Can you be a bit more specific? Where do I find this interaction point in EA?


On EA, using Basic UML MDG, go to 'Features' window, you will see 'Interaction points' next to Parts/Properties.  It seems that Parts/Properties ad Interaction points do the same thing.

Tagged values and elements are different things.  If I change a tag value I'm not changing the element.  Name, Alias, Keywords, status, version are properties of the element, while name, text, modified date etc. are properties of the tag. 

Tags are related to elements but are not properties of the element.  Tags have properties of their own.

If element modified date was changed when I modify a tag it would be inconsistent with the UML metamodel.

After googling and consulting the UML reference manual I cannot find this definition.  Seems to overlap UML  parts concept.  If it's not in the UML spec would it be better to remove from EA?

General Board / Re: Is it possible to import Oracle Designer content to EA?
« on: February 20, 2023, 11:27:54 pm »
My understanding is that you would need to forward engineer the Designer objects into an Oracle database then reverse engineer it into Sparx

General Board / Re: Shared project in a team - better strategies
« on: February 04, 2023, 12:38:31 pm »
A side note.  Putting all diagrams on a package seems like an awkward way of organizing your project.  Diagrams are just windows into the model, what your team is working on is the model not the windows.  You may need to think about the package structure of your project, in my experience it's a difficult task that requires experience but it pays off big time.

Spot on Geert, I can see the length in t_attribute but it does not show in the Properties window of the attribute.  I would have never guessed.

I'll raise a bug with Sparx

Thanks very much Geert - I can import objects and attributes but try as I might import of attribute length and precision fails (these properties remain blank in EA).  An ideas?
My Excel looks like this:

Code: [Select]
Action CLASSTYPE CLASSGUID ownerField Pos Name Stereotype Notes Alias Datatype multiplicity visibility length precision
Class {39C513D7-6EEE-4a36-B6C8-868C8446A47D} {39C513D7-6EEE-4a36-B6C8-868C8446A47D} -1 CV_MS4_P2_GLOBAL_EVENTS_DATA View Type: CALC.  .  GLOBAL EVENTS DATA GLOBAL EVENTS DATA
Attribute {39C513D7-6EEE-4a36-B6C8-868C8446A47D} 0 MAKT_MAKTG Material Description in Upper Case for Matchcodes Material Description in Upper Case for Matchcodes NVARCHAR 40
Attribute {39C513D7-6EEE-4a36-B6C8-868C8446A47D} 0 MARA_MATKL Material Group Material Group NVARCHAR 9
Attribute {39C513D7-6EEE-4a36-B6C8-868C8446A47D} 0 MARA_MSTAE Cross-Plant Material Status Cross-Plant Material Status NVARCHAR 2

ps Even if I remove the multiplicity, visibility and precision columns with no value, length will not import

Thanks Geert it works!

Anyone else, in VBA class module 'EAConnector' , ' Description: import the attribute based on the given properties into the parentPackage'  change

Code: [Select]
        If attr Is Nothing Then
            Set attr = owner.attributes.AddNew("", "")
        End If


Code: [Select]
        If attr Is Nothing Then
            Set attr = owner.attributes.AddNew("NULL", "NULL")
        End If

Thanks very much Geert!!!!

Thanks Geert I suspected it was some API change in EA!  But all my attributes have a name.

My Excel file looks like this:

Code: [Select]
Action CLASSTYPE CLASSGUID ownerField Pos Name Notes Alias Datatype
Create Attribute {EFED214F-70DD-47f1-90FC-C8DEC586DC4F} 0 0AF_COLOR___T Text column for attribute 0AF_COLOR Text column for attribute 0AF_COLOR NVARCHAR
Create Attribute {EFED214F-70DD-47f1-90FC-C8DEC586DC4F} 0 0AF_FCOCO___T Text column for attribute 0AF_FCOCO Text column for attribute 0AF_FCOCO NVARCHAR
Create Attribute {EFED214F-70DD-47f1-90FC-C8DEC586DC4F} 0 0AF_GENDER___T Text column for attribute 0AF_GENDER Text column for attribute 0AF_GENDER NVARCHAR

I have been using Geert's importer for a couple of years, but since I updated to EA version 16.1 (or maybe since I got a Windows update?  Can't tell) I get the following error when I import attributes into classes:

Run-Time error '-2147221504 (80040000)'
Name cannot be blank

I have been trying different things but always get the same error, does anyone have any experience on how to solve?  Thanks!

ps Importer version 5.0

Hello Paolo I'm curious if you were able to reverse/forward engineer Databricks schemas using EA?  Because I may need to in near future and I prefer Sparx over DBeaver.

Interesting. What is the benefit of switching perspectives vs. using the manage technology way?

I guess no choice but looking into it - thanks again Geert!

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