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I can't believe it worked!  First don't autohide then hide... thank you very much madam/sir.

YES!  Thank you!!


my screen real estate is at a premium so in order to maximize workspace I'd like to remove/completely hide the "Start" navigation pane located at the far right of the screen.  The pane closes automatically and has an "Options" menu to rearrange items, but even when closed it takes up a few pixels that I want to use.  Does anyone know if there is a way to totally hide it, similar to the way the status bar can be removed from the screen?  Thanks!

Thank you Uffe and QWERTY,  but that is exactly where I'm stuck.  I can't find out how to make a new toolbox because the default UML profile is not available in the MDGTechnologies folder; also I cannot access its Toolbox Profile diagram. 

I can find the list of default toolboxes in the documentation, but not the list of their elements (with exactly correct element names).  So I don't have a standard toolbox profile that I could edit, and I can't make a new one from scratch either. 

Thank you very much VKN!!  I tried it and as you say, EA does not make a difference between a Tagged Value "memo" type and a tagged value note (I assumed they would be different things, i.e. a "memo" type tagged value could have its own separate note).  Misleading, but easy to correct.  Thanks again!!


EA version 1310

to make a lot of conceptual/logical level diagrams quickly, I want to create custom toolboxes for the main UML diagrams in the standard EA UML profile (class, use case, sequence, etc.).  But the default UML profile is not available in the MDGTechnologies folder and most documentation is about how to ADD new toolboxes for a new technology, not how to REMOVE elements to the existing toolboxes for the EA default UML profile.

Can anyone point me to instructions to do this?  Thank you very much!!

EA 1310.

I want to export a CSV report listing names and tagged values for some elements. I use the Publish / CSV exchange specification menu to make a file specification including fields "Name" and tagged value "Remarks", which is a memo type tagged value.

When I run the CSV report, everything works correctly except all the "Remarks" fields are blank.

If the "Remarks" tagged value is NOT "memo" type then the fields are not blank and all entries are visible in the exported CSV file.

My current workaround is to make 'Remarks" a normal tagged value then enter the text in the notes field of the Remarks tagged value; then select Tagged value notes in the CSV exchange specification. But I think it would be better if "memo" type tagged values exported to CSV correctly. Is this a bug?  Should I file bug report?  Thanks!!

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