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Thanks a lot,

i need to disable few addins based on username how can i do it.Am writing in c# for addins development.


i am developing addin where i want to know which user have logged in and groupname to which user belongs.based on the user i want to do some operation.

so is there any api for identifying user and group id

Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance,

I disable security as i want my addin to update the model even if it is locked by someone.

can i do that with admin passord

Hi,Thanks for your currently doing it manually.i open EA project disable security then reload one more EA open same project then enable security this way the first project opened will have security disabled.and and security enabled for other users.

i want to automate this process.i hope u understood the requirement


i have created few addins in EA in which i need to disable the security and run those i need the security to be disabled for only instance which i am running. all other users using EA should have security there any api to automate the process to disable security only to one instance am working

if i try to lock an object in EA through automation which is already locked by other user then i get an exception .so is there any way or api to identify whether i can lock that object or not.i.e. is there any api to identify who has locked the object

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