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General Board / Re: EA 16 - Information Flows Realized option is missing
« on: September 10, 2022, 01:24:53 am »
I'm afraid you're right. I Found in the V16 release notes -> A small correction to all ArchiMate connectors to prevent them from realizing UML InformationFlows
So I need to do a hard work by converting all my archimate_flow from my MDG to InformationFlow and by keeping all tags and data conveyed

Does anyone know how to retrieve the relationship between a ControlFlow and an InformationFlow (Sql/Sparx Object Model) ?

Thank you for your help?


General Board / Re: Enterprise Architect 16 on MacOS (CrossOver)
« on: September 09, 2022, 09:50:11 pm »

I will try and see what happens. Question. Have you installed the fonts Sparx recommends manually afterwards or only the MSI package?


Only the MSI But I saw that some fonts were installed by Crossover Enterprise Architect setting (Carlito, Core Fonts, Georgia, webdings, Mono, ...)


General Board / Re: EA 16 - Information Flows Realized option is missing
« on: September 09, 2022, 05:57:03 pm »
Hi Modesto Vega
Clarification, I use the Archimate_Flow connector which is of ControlFlow type in all diagrams to model the data exchange between 2 Archimate_ApplicationComponent. Archimate_flow Represents transfer from one element to another. I don't understand why I can no longer associate Information Flow with it in V16? If so, which archimate connector should I have used?
In the meantime I opened a bug
Thanks for your help

General Board / Re: EA 16 - Information Flows Realized option is missing
« on: September 09, 2022, 12:40:43 am »
Could it be that this is actually not a valid connection in UML?

In that case, v16 might be a bit more strict than v15 was and not allow you to make this illegal connection.

Another possibility is that they simply moved the menu item somewhere else (they tend to hussle the menu's around each new version)


Hi Geert

I Think 1 ControlFlow is a valid connection between 2 ApplicationComponents. I looked for this option everywhere. It is nowhere!
Thank you for your help

General Board / EA 16 - Information Flows Realized option is missing
« on: September 08, 2022, 06:22:27 pm »
I don't kown why the Information Flows Realized option is missing on my Sparx EA v16.0.1605
For the same diagram and controlflow connector :
- in v15 I have this option - no problem
- in v16 I can clearly see the data conveyed but I don't see the option (Right-click on connector | Advanced | Information Flows Realized)
Have you ever experienced this issue?

General Board / Re: Enterprise Architect 16 on MacOS (CrossOver)
« on: September 07, 2022, 01:07:58 am »

Just tried installing EA 16 64bit in a Windows 10 64bit Bottle and deselecting MDAC and Jet 4.0 from the installer. It still fails, at the end, but EA runs fine.


;) Thank you for your feedback - Need to test what Takeshi K said above.

General Board / Re: Enterprise Architect 16 on MacOS (CrossOver)
« on: September 07, 2022, 01:01:17 am »
Hello all,

Just for your information, the setting of installing Enterprise Architect in the CrossOver GUI is (maybe) not offered by Sparx HQ. For the 64-bit versions, JET 4.0 and MDAC are not necessary. (This is why Enterprise Architect works fine, although these two components occur errors during installation.)

I recommend when you install Enterprise Architect with the CrossOver, do not use the CrossOver setting of Enterprise Architect but directly specify the msi file. I think it will work.


Now we have an option to use Enterprise Architect on MacOS by using wine-crossover package.

Indeed, after specifying CrossOver setting of Enterprise Architect v16, I specified the Installer source which was the msi that I had just downloaded.
I will retest your method on another mac
Thank you for all the information

General Board / Re: Enterprise Architect 16 on MacOS (CrossOver)
« on: September 05, 2022, 10:23:07 pm »
Sorry for the delay of my response, I was OOO.
Despite the warnings the 64bit version works on MacOS

One of the warnings is
The 'Installing' Enterprise Architect 16.x' task failed. The installer has exited but Enterprise Architect 16.x does not seem to be installed. Continuing with the install may produce unpredictable result.

After skip this step, no problem, Sparx 64 bits works. Strange!


General Board / Enterprise Architect 16 on MacOS (CrossOver)
« on: July 29, 2022, 07:49:51 pm »
I installed Enterprise Architect 16 (32 & 64bits) on MacOS Big Sur version 11.2.3 - MacBook Air (M1, 2020) – via Crossover 21.2 and a Window 10 bottle (32 & 64Bits)
However during the installation I had failed messages after the installation of
- Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8
- Microsoft data Access Component
- Sparx Enterprise Architect
Each time I did  "Skip this Step".
At the end of the installation, the bottle was available with Enterprise Architect installed. Since then I have been using it with no problem.
Do you have information about these failed messages or a Rex to share?
Thanks in advance

Has anyone experience with integrating Sparx with ServiceNow CMDB when Service Now authentication is managed by Oauth ?

I haven't seen a post about this. I tried several configurations in PCS integrations, by filling in the credentials or not without success in recovering anything  from service now.

When I have a look in the logs I see that the request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials (401) - I also see that there is an 'OAuth token specified?' parameter set to 'no' but i don't know how to set it.

Note that Sparx EA Project OpenID Authentication is enabled.

[INFO]: Starting new session:
[INFO]:    OAuth token specified? no
[INFO]:    Username: *********
[INFO]:    Password specified? yes
[INFO]: HTTP request: /api/now//table/sys_filter?sysparm_fields=sys_id,table
[INFO]: HTTP response status code: 401
Any idea will be appreciate
Thank you



In a Sql query Landscape EA Charts,
Is there a way to display directly the composite diagram associated with the aliased <series> element ?
Currently only the properties are displayed.

Have you ever experienced this?



I am fairly new to using Prolaborate and have some questions about chart operations that appear to be different from Enterprise Architect.
For example I haven't found the ability to manage cell size even using the ChartValue alias for a heatmap.
I have some indicators based on numerical values ​​and I haven't found a way to have color schemes based on numeric values ​​containing operators (to define ranges)

I did not find an answer in the prolaborate documentation. Have you ever experienced this? Do you have any ideas how to do it?
Thank you in advance for your answers



Is there a way to correctly display the Series of a heat map whose Chart Value represents the smallest results?

I use a Heat map to represent the technical debt of the applications (Color = tech debt Score, Series = App Name, Chart Value = Number of users) and the applications with the fewest number of users are not readable.

Thank you in advance

Hello Geert
Thanks a lot for your reply.
I will go back to the alternative solution

General Board / How can I retrieve the value of a MEMO Tag in a Shape Script
« on: September 23, 2021, 10:34:45 pm »
Hello everybody,

Do you know how can I retrieve the value of a MEMO Tag in a Shape Script?

If this is not possible, is there another solution to allow the entry of a list of IPs for example from a simple Tag (Tag carried by an element of an MDG)?

Thanks in Advance

- Pierre  ;)

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