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So it is really a bug! It's sad that it has been fixed since then. This feature is available since 2016!

Thank you, q.

Let's see if there's other "more attractive" solutions. Unfortunately, I don't write scripts  :-[

I tried to use "Filters and Layers", but it does not work at all.

I created a Tag Value=Test for class 1

I set the filter

When I check the filter nothing happens.

Is this a bug?

Hello, EA experts,

Is there a way to filter objects with certain attribute value? For example (in the screenshots), can I filter to show only the objects where the attribute SWOT = Strength?

If it it's not possible to be done using filter, is there any other way?

Thank you,

Thank you, Geert. I will send you an email to discuss.

Thank you, Geert for your response.

I hope a member of the forum would respond that he can do this kind of work. Other than that, I will be looking for a needle in a haystack  :o

Thank you, Geert.

So when I look for someone to help me do this, I should look for "someone who can translate a vbscript to VBA", correct?

Does that person need to have any experience in EA?

Thank you so much,

Is it possible to edit your Excel tool (with this script) to export/import runstate values?

Thank you, Geert for your response.

So if I cannot import runstate values for objects.

What is the use of this script? (I am sorry I don't have experience with scripts)


It would be great to be able to import attribute values of objects using Geert's Excel tool!

Like this object

Looking forward to Geert's response.

Thank you very much, Geert and q.

You could write something for it, but I'm not sure of the added value.

I understand your concern, Geert. I want to do this only for selected tables with few objects.

To your point q.
You could export the contents of the DB and import via CSV (if you don't like to script it).

If I did that, will EA model the records as objects in object diagrams?

Or should I reverse engineer the DB (to build the class diagram in EA), then export the records of the selected tables from the DB (as CSV) and import them to selected classes in EA as objects (I am not sure if this is even possible)?

Hello, EA experts,

I have a PostegresSQL database schema of about 30 tables that I will import as a database model in EA (I have not done this before but I will try to figure it out). I would like to reverse engineer this to derive a UML Class Model which could then be edited and then forward-engineered back to the database.

My question is: will EA create objects/instances of the records in the tables? If that won't happen by default, how can I make EA create these objects/instsnaces?

The number of instances in each table is relatively small and can fit nicely in an object diagram.

Below is a screenshot from PgAdmin

As always, thank you very much for your valuable input!

Thank you,

Thank you, Eve.

Thank you, Eve, q. and Geert for your input. I really appreciate it.

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