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General Board / link between two atributes (PleaseHelp)
« on: December 19, 2005, 05:33:26 am »

it is possible to create link between two attributes of two different classes ? (Something ling association link between two classes)

thank you very very much

General Board / OCL question (model validation)
« on: May 09, 2006, 03:10:06 pm »
Can anybody write me please OCL contraint for UML2, that allows dependency connection between two business goals (class with stereotype business goal) or association between business goal and problem (class with stereotype problem) ? I would like to use this in EA - model validation.

I found something similar, but is only works for UML 1.4 :(

context Business Goal inv Dependencies:
 self.allDependencies->forAll(d |
   d.client->forAll(c |
     (c.oclIsKindOf (Class) and c.stereotype = "BusinessGoal") or
     (c.oclIsKindOf (Class) and c.stereotype = "Problem")) and
   d.supplier->forAll(s |
     (s.oclIsKindOf (Class) and s.stereotype = "BusinessGoal")))

thank you very much

General Board / Using OCL when specifing UML profile
« on: April 03, 2006, 07:45:42 am »
Dear Sirs,

I would like to ask you one important technical question for us,  connected with OCL usability in EA. We need to use UML tool also for working with OCL, i.e. model validation.

Does EA supports OCL constraints also when specifing UML profile?

EXAMPLE: BusinessProfile definition
- BusinessGoal(class with stereotype BusinessGoal) must be always connected with Problems (class with stereotype Problem). We want to achieve this using OCL contraints.

After any analyst will specify business strategy model using BusinessProfile, we want to verify, if his model contains Problems connected into Goals.

Thank you,
With regards
Futuros astral user


I have a big problem. I have swimlines defined on the activity diagram, where swimlines have names and they are mapped on theirs classifiers. Is there any way how to parse this informations using Automation Interface ?

thank you very much for help

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / How to parse sequence diagram?
« on: October 04, 2004, 03:26:28 am »

can anybody give me a little tutorial, how to parse sequence diagram ? I can parse UC diagram, but this type of diagram is not important from order of view.

thank you

Hi gurus,

I have big problem and I didn't find solution yet. It is a question of life and death.

   I have programmed Application ( that use AI, and I spend many days to run it with EA 3.6.
   After updating into version 4.1, a big problem occured. I can't run this application anymore. What's wrong? Do I need rewrite code, becouse in EA 4.1 is not supported class Repository ?

  And the problem is very confusing. Code fails when this is called 3-times ... (c#)

this.myRepository = new EA.RepositoryClass();

I'm trying search for error using REGMON, but I not sure, if this is a problem of Accessibility.

If you have advice or solution, please write me in reply. Thank you o lot of yet

Hi gurus,

please, If you have solution for my problem bellow, explain me that, I tryed allmost everything.

I work on ASP.NET application witch use EA.Repository as interface. But some time (!!!) when I try open EAP file using ASP.NET application

1.  this.myRepository = new EA.RepositoryClass();
2.  this.myRepository.OpenFile(System.Convert.ToString(Session["EAfile"]));

it fails on 2 and server returned

QueryInterface for interface EA.IDualRepository failed

Exception Details: System.InvalidCastException: QueryInterface for interface EA.IDualRepository failed.

what is wrong ? Some time this works, some time doesn't.


Hi gurus,

i have a problem with package element. I need to verify, if some package has concrete stereotype, but package doesn't support stereotype in Automation Interface.

I tryed this

if (((EA.Element)Package.Packages.GetAt(idx)).Type=="AD-BusinessProfile") .....

-> becouse EA.Element has type as property, but it is also wrong ...


does anybody know how to generate full USE case specification on single HTML page ?
  I know to generate documentation into FRAMED version, but this solution is unusable for me (each element is on other page - UC, UI diagram ... ).

For example:
I have use case UC1 with child
     1. UI diagram with SCREEN1 as child element of UC1
     2. Activity diagram for depicting base flows, alternate ...

Problem is becouse EA generate HTML docs in order of elements in package where UC1 exists, and didn't recognize what diagram represents specification of UC.

Thanx for any suggestion

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