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Hello pmahoney,

Elements in a Class can have stereotype <XSDattribute>. An element with this stereotype will be generated as an attribute group.

Lets say that you create a Class, say 'Class1', with stereotype <XSDcomplexType>. Add an element to it, say 'elem1', and set its stereotype to <XSDattribute>. Generate the XSD. The schema will be like :

<xs:element name="Class1" type="Class1"/>
<xs:complexType name="Class1">
           <xs:attributeGroup ref="Class1.att"/>

<xs:attributeGroup name="Class1.att">
           <xs:attribute name="elem1" use="optional" type="xs:integer"/>

The advantage of using the stereotype <XSDattribute> on elements is that you can have any desired data-type for the element - not just "xs:string".


Hi Tomas,

This bug has definately been fixed. Would it be possible for you to send in a model reproducing your problem to Sparx Support ?

Hi atingley,

The issue regarding <xs:include> has been resolved for the next release of EA  :)


The current version of EA has support for <xs:annotation> :)

Just add the notes to the 'Notes' section of a diagram-element and the notes will be reflected in <xs:documentation> ( under <xs:annotation> ) in the generated schema.

At present, EA supports <xs:documentation> and not <xs:appinfo>

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