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Uml Process / Re: USE CASE Cookbook
« on: February 10, 2003, 03:25:48 pm »
I'm just getting used to working with the UML (got the idea ages ago, but it's purchasing EA that really got me going).
I can see that a Cookbook would be an excellent idea.  

I'm thinking of starting something similar for data structures, since most of my work is in database design. Design Patterns a la Gang of Four are great, but almost too re-usable and abstract. For my project, I'm thinking of 'Organisation has several Addresses of various Types' for instance, and publishing a table structure that contains just the basics for that situation. There are so many similar structures in databases is seems mad to keep re-building the same damn thing over and over.

I'd fall over myself to grab a UML cookbook that did the same thing. Having come into this game via experience and an MCSD, rather than through an IT degree, and now working as a lone contractor, I find lot of the analysis and design work to be a tremendous challenge, although I'm keen to avoid the mistake of trying to be too agile and just jumping in.  I make most of my living trying to de-kludge databases that were built too fast (why to they let users have MS Access? To make me a living!) Anything that would let me browse for a UML 'situation' that's similar to one I've come across would save an awful lot of wheel re-invention.

I'm more of a database guy than a website guy, otherwise I'd volunteer to try and start a site that could collate people's working UML/data model 'recipes'.  I'd gladly work with someone who wanted to get such a thing going.

Steve, this is a great idea, I'm right behind you!

Andrew Webster

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