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General Board / EATutorial 1.01
« on: March 22, 2002, 07:40:11 am »
Hi All,

I've modified the site last night and posted a more recent version of the EATutorial.   The corresponding web page shows chapter highlights.   The start of Chaps 2 and 3 are there and some details on the table details in EAP are also published.

The link again is

I am working on EAToolkiT 1.01 that will include test scripts.  More details later.



General Board / Tutorial Uploaded
« on: February 21, 2002, 07:41:49 am »
Hi All,

Geoff and Paul have placed the first part of the new tutorial (PDF format) on the Registered User download page.   Y'all can pick it up there.

Next update contents... just to let you all know I'm working on integrating EAP and MPP files, CVS, and other related issues.   I'm also looking at integrating an executive dashboard concept with alerts, alert levels, et cetera based on items entered in the EAP file.  Once I get this finished I'll write about it and upload the next chapter.

Thanks everyone!


General Board / Tutorial (Beta) Uploaded
« on: February 18, 2002, 02:14:27 pm »
Hi All,

Well I finally got a good connection and was able to upload the first chapter of the tutorial in PDF format.   I'll let Geoff announce its availability from the site.

The next chapter, under development, is working with version control software, project software, and multiple user support and using the Web to publish information for a company.

Future chatpers will include USE CASE, Activity, and Sequence diagramming off of approved Functional Requirement diagrams... and more.   I also will be writing a chapter on writing custom tools based off of the EAP format.

Please be kind: a very rough edit was performed and not much more.   Please look it over and make suggestions either on here or to my email address.

Thanks again...


General Board / Prototype Tutorial
« on: February 06, 2002, 01:47:43 pm »
Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure if anyone is interested in this but I have started to write a tutorial on using EA in terms of application development.   This means that I want to look at all of the issues including EA.   I do focus on EA but mention other tools as well.

Anyway, I finished the first main chapter, passed it on to Geoff for first review, and gave a very LIGHT edit.

I'm wondering if people are interested in this, if the interest is to release now and keep updating it as time and information moves forward, or wait until the very very end?

Let me know....   I'm just not sure what is the best way to make it available.

Also, Geoff, if you want to comment on what you've read thus far, jump on in.

Thanks in advance,


General Board / Yabbi Woes
« on: February 08, 2002, 12:38:33 pm »

Rather than the typical email, I wanted to post this here to see if anyone else has the same problem.

I've got the WEB toolbar set in my Outlook 2000 and often hit this site from within Outlook as opposed to inside IE.   The trouble is that if I reply to a message viewed inside Outlook, I get a script error problem that pops up every time I enter in a character in the reply.   This does not happen in replies executed through IE (as in now) by itself.

Just FWIW,


General Board / New Download Section
« on: January 24, 2002, 07:51:27 am »
Geoff / Paul,

I just wanted to say in PUBLIC many THANKS for the new Download section and the way patches and past versions are now available.   This is great!

Keep up the great work and support!


Uml Process / USE CASE Cookbook
« on: December 12, 2002, 01:54:51 pm »
Hi All,

Since I'm swamped and have to focus on what we need to do, one of my employees had a great idea that I would love to do but can't.   Perhaps it could be accomplished in conjunction with this forum.

We do not believe that there is an adequate "Use Case Cookbook"... one that had an index on something like (System - System, Time triggered / User - System / et cetera).   Nothing more than a) the USE CASE document, USE CASES, and USE CASE diagrams for a TON of business problems.

Like I said, it's the type of book I would love to write but my authoring days are on hold at the moment.



Hi Everyone,

I know it's been a long while since making a posting; it doesn't mean I'm away - I've got many of my teams using EA.

Having said that, I'd like to let everyone know that I've developed a new piece of software that integrates with EA: ItemTrakker.

ItemTrakker is a Bug (we like to call them "issues"), Task, and Enhancement Tracking system.   The single user integrated version is available for [size=14]FREE[/size] to all EA users and is available at  Scroll down for installation instructions, documentation, and downlad links.

Currently it integrates at the Diagram and Object level and I'm open to ANY and ALL ideas for additional EA-based enhancements for ItemTrakker

ItemTrakker includes:
  • Multi Division Support
  • Master and Sub Projects
  • Scheduling (that integrates with Outlook
  • Performance metrics and dashboards
  • Customized views, filters, and collections
  • Completely table driven on item process/stages, priorities, assignments, resources, et cetera
  • Full Audit Trail and Security Level control
  • Automatic email (and group) notification
  • Tons of reports as well as the ability to add your own CR reports
  • Can support SQLServer, Oracle, DB2, MySql, Interbase, and hosted data centers (default data source is .MDB format
  • Et cetera - a ton more stuff you can check out
If you have any questions you can email me here or at

If there are issues, let me know, I'll get on them right away for you!  Use the email address above and put as the subject BUG... you'll get my attention!  ;)

Again, I'm open to ALL ideas to integrate ItemTrakker more and to help with the total life-cycle development (and resource) process centered around good modeling with EA.

Thanks again for everyone's support over the years!  It's been really appreciated!


Steve Straley

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