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Uml Process / Re: General rules for participating in this forum
« on: December 11, 2002, 10:12:38 am »

Don't remove anything <smile>... that's the point of open discussions.

I've been involved in forums like this as well and just think that a limited number of us will actually participate and we all know one another at this point.   And why 5?  Why not 3 or 10, and why 3 months?  In other words, it just isn't necessary I think at this time for us to worry about this.   I mean as it stands, it's just you and me at the moment and we haven't been here more than 2 days <ROFL>!


Uml Process / Re: General rules for participating in this forum
« on: December 11, 2002, 09:04:06 am »

I understand the intent but....

"3. Debate is the best way to advance any issue where disagreement or contradiction arise; but net-etiquette and respect among participants are imperative if we are to gain clarity. Participants who incur in flaming others will be called to order and, if agreed by at least five other participants who have been in the forum for three or more months, postings that break net-etiquette can be branded as «offensive to the purposes of this forum». "

We're all grown-ups and I think we're all pretty cool with things but I'm not going to participate in something where there are rules for banishment, rules on who can by banished and who can participate in the banishment and all that type of stuff.

Let Geoff be the monitor and let it be.  I'm just really disappointed that "rules" like this were posted and all... it sets an omen that I hope doesn't come to pass.   <heavy sigh>

I suggest we start with the following (no rules).

a) What are our objectives.
b) What would the outcome be if our objectives are met.
c) A SHORT Vision Statement.

If people want, I can collect all of the A) B) and C) and put them together in one document for us to then discuss and vote on.   Then we can move to the next phase.

Just an idea...


Hi Everyone,

I know it's been a long while since making a posting; it doesn't mean I'm away - I've got many of my teams using EA.

Having said that, I'd like to let everyone know that I've developed a new piece of software that integrates with EA: ItemTrakker.

ItemTrakker is a Bug (we like to call them "issues"), Task, and Enhancement Tracking system.   The single user integrated version is available for [size=14]FREE[/size] to all EA users and is available at  Scroll down for installation instructions, documentation, and downlad links.

Currently it integrates at the Diagram and Object level and I'm open to ANY and ALL ideas for additional EA-based enhancements for ItemTrakker

ItemTrakker includes:
  • Multi Division Support
  • Master and Sub Projects
  • Scheduling (that integrates with Outlook
  • Performance metrics and dashboards
  • Customized views, filters, and collections
  • Completely table driven on item process/stages, priorities, assignments, resources, et cetera
  • Full Audit Trail and Security Level control
  • Automatic email (and group) notification
  • Tons of reports as well as the ability to add your own CR reports
  • Can support SQLServer, Oracle, DB2, MySql, Interbase, and hosted data centers (default data source is .MDB format
  • Et cetera - a ton more stuff you can check out
If you have any questions you can email me here or at

If there are issues, let me know, I'll get on them right away for you!  Use the email address above and put as the subject BUG... you'll get my attention!  ;)

Again, I'm open to ALL ideas to integrate ItemTrakker more and to help with the total life-cycle development (and resource) process centered around good modeling with EA.

Thanks again for everyone's support over the years!  It's been really appreciated!


Steve Straley

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