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General Board / Re: Business Case for Enterprise Architect
« on: November 17, 2002, 03:18:44 am »

I haven't seen the new version of Visio and certainly, it is used at GE (since it is part of the enterprise license they have).   I'm curious, as I have when interviewing at GE, how a drawing tool can be compared to a UML modeling tool.  I know corporate types don't see the differences but here's my point....   At GE they have Visio for free and then they went out at purchased huge licenses for Rose.   If Visio is to be compared to EA (which I don't see how), it would stand to reason that the same comparison should be made to Rose.  Which, in the case of GE, they don't do that for some reason!  Odd.   Point being, if Rose is something different, then EA is "something different" than Visio.

Just stating what I've noticed in the Logical, Structured, Sane Corporate World.... (yes, being tongue and cheeky there <LOL>).


General Board / Re: EA tutorial
« on: November 15, 2002, 04:45:07 am »

Thank you for the kind words.

Right now, we're focussing on getting EA-ReqPro in beta and then released.   After that we need to do the same to EA-Commander.   Once all that gets done, I would like to start over with the EA-Tutorial... too many things have changed within EA to do anything less.   Unfortunately, I don't have an ETA on that but will keep it in mind in the coming weeks.

Thanks again,


General Board / Re: How to jump to Use Case docs?
« on: November 13, 2002, 09:14:58 am »
Mark -

Fortunately, I lived in West Drayton and Blackpool for a while so I know what 2p is.... which is more than my 2cents worth <LOL>.

The thing however with HTML is that it can be converted back to .DOC format on the user side and from there, he/she can generate PDF files if he/she wants.   So while it is "internediate", it can be permant based on the need of the user.   Focussing on one output format makes our lives easier <grin>.   But if there is too much of a demand, I suppose we could look at this again.

We also see the EA-ControlCenter facilitating the need to keep all of these external files "in sync" including the project plan that I would hope coincides with the development effort.  This will take some of the EAToolkiT ideas (that we explored) and making it more formal; however, EA-ReqPro seems to be more pressing at the moment.

I hope I can get the Template / Document Designer implemented this week so I can see if all of this really works <LOL>.   Keep your fingers crossed!



General Board / Re: How to jump to Use Case docs?
« on: November 13, 2002, 06:02:21 am »

From our perspective, we're not looking at this as a plug-in; rather, a suite that competes collectively with Rose.   Having the complete set would, in our opinion, ease the seemingly up-hill battle with the corporate types that compare EA exclusively against the entire Rational suite.   It's unfair but what we're facing and we're tired of it.

One of the problems, for example, with RequistePro is they handle external documents by letting Word handle it.   Talk about passing the buck!   So we've taking a different approach and want to expand on this once EA-ReqPro is released.   Folders are the key things that distinguish what type of document is to be generated.  They also distinguish what type of items or requirements can be added to them.  In that, we've added the option to attach outside external documents to them.

Now, in the Template Builder and the Document Builder, you can add the external files anywhere in the document.   We also hope at some point to link folder to folder; that way, for example, you can link a Stakeholder Document to a Deployment Document to a series of Use Case Documents.  So with this flexibility I think you should be able to get the "linked documents as relative references".  Currently, our initial plan is only to generate the HTML pages and links but if there is alot of groaning, we may turn to RTF <grrr>...

FWIW, we just finished the CROSS-REFERENCE report which checks to see unresolved TO and FROM requirements items and generates a report.   This report can be automatically dumped into a new feature called TO DO.   The idea of TO DO's is to allow people to dump not-quite-ready requirements into a central spot that can be then turned into actual requirements.   Also, we're putting the finishing touches to the Template Builder / Document Builder so we can not just see input, but output as well.   We've also started writing the user manual that should be available for download soon (you can see the screen shots of the program as well).



General Board / Re: How to jump to Use Case docs?
« on: November 06, 2002, 08:36:38 pm »

Thanks for the articulate clarification!   I know I don't want to call this EAUP <lol>...


General Board / Re: How to jump to Use Case docs?
« on: November 06, 2002, 02:15:59 pm »

RUP and HTML are two different things.   Glad EA-as-is works for you and addresses your needs!



General Board / Re: How to jump to Use Case docs?
« on: November 05, 2002, 12:22:55 pm »

After hearing the gyrations that you go through to build UC documents, I'm a bit dizzy! <lol>.   There seems to be alot of potential gaps in doing that especially in the area of ensuring that the latest UC information has been generated, read, cut, and then pasted into the correct version of the actual UC document.   This just goes to reasure me that I'm not spinning my wheels trying to get EA-ReqPro out ASAP.   But there are alot of other things that a "tool" can (or can not) do that cutting-and-pasting can, but is too timely to do so.  For example, one short coming of RequistePro is the ability to actually LINK external documents to a RUP document, and I don't mean through WORD, which is yet another problem with RequistePro.   This is why I'm spending alot of time on trying to design a Template Designer and then a Document Designer.

On to your last point, RUP as a PRODUCT is "registered" as a product or, to quote Rational, it is "best practices is a web-enabled set of software engineering processes that provide you with guidance to streamline your team's development activities.".   However, following the RUP paradigm is NOT protected and the generated format of the documents is NOT protected.   The USE CASE document, having a header, a footer, a TOC, an Overview, a basic flow, an alternative flow, sub-flows, pre and post conditions, and external items is no more copy protected than... the word "Windows".   Most companies, and GE included, follow the templates, follow what the "tools" (Rose, Requisite Pro, ClearCase and ClearQuest, Purify, et cetera) provide.   And in some cases, including GE, they've modified the RUP process to tie in with their own overall process, in this case Six Sigam... but it can also apply to CPP and others.    

So, EA-ReqPro is a tool to generate RUP-based process documents and is NOT a RUP plug in.   Does that help?


General Board / Re: How to jump to Use Case docs?
« on: November 05, 2002, 08:54:55 am »

PMFJI, but there are a couple of RUP-based items missing.  For example, there are sub flows off alternative flows in addition to just plain subflows.   There are also "extension" points.   This is why I'm trying to add a supplemental tool to take what is in EA and map it to RUP-based documents.   I think if EA can "tout" RUP-support, then EA will have more sales.   For some reason, corporate types talk RUP and think ONLY Rose Suite can do the job.

Just my .02


General Board / Re: New Feature Request
« on: November 04, 2002, 05:19:40 pm »

It is no hoax and EA-ReqPro is the first of 4 add-on tools to complete the entire process.  A couple of us at GE (yes, THAT GE) are helping with some of the pre-alpha stuff so I'm trying to get caught up on that.  We just added

  • Import USE CASE and REQUIREMENT objects into the repository, or merely "use" existing EA items in RUP-based documents.
  • Copy/Clone Folders/Items
  • Link to External Files
  • Link to Folders

and it seems to be working.   Next is to work on the Template Builder and then the Report Writer and we'll be in Beta.  I hope to have a "brochure" and product feature list up on our web site soon.  And if you've seen our web site, you will have some idea what the other add-on's will be.

Frankly, I share your views about EA and I'll add one more view: the "big boys" charge TOO MUCH for their "suite", do too little for small software firms, and in many cases... lag on their product enhancements.  IMO, it's about time that something is done about it.

So be patient my friend... I should have kept quiet if it weren't for the lead-off question to this thread.   I hope to have more details soon.

Thanks for listening...


General Board / Re: New Feature Request
« on: October 31, 2002, 09:25:00 am »

None at the moment and can't give a "release" date either.  We're pushing hard to just get to a baseline set of items that is a blend between Caliber and RequistePro.   I do hope to have some of the initial documentation available on our web site in the next couple of weeks.   That should give you an idea of what this looks like, the interface, the options... things like that.

Right now we are adding the "Import Functional Requirements" that are stored in EAP files.  And I'm working on the Document Template Builder option.   As soon as I get to a point where I think basic input->output features are in place, it will be in a SHORT and limited (user) beta.

I know that's being specific and am skirting the edge, but hope it helps somewhat.


General Board / Re: New Feature Request
« on: October 31, 2002, 05:52:54 am »

You can continue to do that if you wish.   At GE, for example, they want the functional requirements outside the model which is one of the reasons they do the Rational Suite.

I'm looking at doing an import as well of requirements inside EA as Functional Requirement Items in EA-ReqPro.

I'm trying to put the final touches on the Docment Template Design before going into beta.



General Board / Re: New Feature Request
« on: October 30, 2002, 11:06:56 am »

I don't really want to jump the gun here but it is ironic that you made this post.   When I updated our web site I added a "news" feature... the alpha release of EAReqPro!

I'll be posting a feature set here and on our web site soon but suffice to say a) I use Requist Pro and don't like it; and b) created a new product that integrates with EA directly.

Some of the features that we've added are

a) The ability to attach external documents to a document.
b) The ability to build Business Plan documents that include Vision, Mision, and Critical Step statements.
c) The ability to cross reference GLOSSARY items with SEE ALSO items.
d) The ability to ...
   i) Import USE CASE information from EA into EAReqPro
   ii) Create independent USE CASE processes for RUP-based document.
   iii) Link to USE CASE processes in EA for RUP-based document.
   iv) Link ONLY to USE CASE diagram in EA for RUP-based document.

We're also "borrowing" features found in Caliber that are not in RequistePro and incorporating those appropriate features into EAReqPro.

Like I said, I don't mean to jump the gun and we are in alpha stages only and hope to go into full beta in a couple of weeks.  I'll have pricing and availability at that time.

So... hope that helps somewhat...


General Board / Re: World-eIT Web Site
« on: October 27, 2002, 09:20:34 am »
Hi Everyone,

I've updated it again to now hold the alpha/beta agreement and fixed a couple of links.



General Board / World-eIT Web Site
« on: October 26, 2002, 03:30:36 pm »
Hi Everyone,

I've completely re-done the web site and have added new direct email links for questions, registration, and support.  I will be making addition to the site in the days ahead.   It is still located at:

And yes, there is a "small" new news item.   We're almost ready to accept alpha testers... I have to get the alpha/beta test form done.   I also have to put together a fact sheet on the new product but you can visit the site and get a general sense about it.   I'm curious to know, either here on via the new email addresses, what you think about the idea.

If any of you are using the email address, I will be monitoring it for the next 30 days but then I'll discontinue it after that and stick with the new email addresses on the contact page of our web site.

Again, thanks to everyone and their patience.   Let me know what you think.



General Board / Re: Enterprise Architect Comunity Edition
« on: October 08, 2002, 07:20:07 am »

I agree with your comments above.   Just wanted to add a new perspective I'm developing using GNU-based software.  FREE is a very relative term and too often we think in terms of the "immedacy" and not the "long term".   For example, while Castor-JDO was "free", the number of programming man-hour cycles to fix things in it, keep up to date with others in relating the fixes, and making the software work with other pieces in our infrastrcuture MEANT that what was initially purchased as "free" ended up costing quite a bit.

This brings up an interesting side debate I'm having with myself: to stay Java based and GNU centric OR to move to C# and .NET.   For $2000 I can get a universal MSDN subscription and the entire .NET framework and IDE and classes and more, all integrated and ready for use.   The initial up-front cost is MORE than "free" but the back in benefit appears (and I say that loosely at this point) to be exponential.

I guess the point is the power of GNU from my experiences appears to be in the willingness to back end costs as opposed to up-front costs.

Just another perspective....


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