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You can use virtual documents to create a selection of packages for HTML export.


You can export and import existing tagged values on elements using the standard impor/export.

In the example query there are a few tags included.

You can import interfaces as well, but you can't currently import the relation between your interfaces, and your applications.


I really wonder why this is hidden so well and not worth a dedicated method/property at the EA Element. I wasn't even able to see this MiscData property in Visual Studio Debugger.  ???

The API is not much more than a thin layer on top of the database.
That's why a lot of us have build a whole wrapper library on top of the API that works in a more functional way.


Pdata = EA.Element.MiscData


Then add the spaces and newlines like you did before.

The reason they it showed nothing is because null + "some string" = null, but "" + "somestring" = "somestring"


If you update the diagramObjects collection of your diagram, you won't see any new elements untill you do a refresh() on the collection.


have you tried removing the diagram.update()

That statement shouldn't be there anyway.


use coalesce(tvc.Property, '')


Bugs and Issues / Re: Import a diagram (.xml)
« on: December 07, 2023, 02:47:35 am »
You can't import diagrams, you can only import packages.

If the elements on your diagram are located somewhere else, they won't be included in the xml export.


General Board / Re: Group renaming
« on: December 05, 2023, 10:23:40 pm »
not without a script I think


No, what I'm saying is that you can do

Code: [Select]
otherInfo <field.Start>

This will only add a newLine when {field} has contents.

What you can't do is

Code: [Select]
otherInfo <field.Start>

Because you then have two bookmarks at the same location, and that is not supported.

But since you are using an SQL Fragment, it might be easier to include the (optional) newlines in a single field in your SQL.



Especially the part:

All .Start and .End bookmarks that enclose a labeled field will hide the label in the report if the field has no content; for example:

The bookmarks Element.Keywords.Start and Element.Keywords.End enclose the Keywords {Element.Keywords} report field, but if an element has no keywords, the Keywords label in the generated report is hidden and the space closed up


You can use bookmarks to with <tagName>.Start and <tagName>.End to indicate that the document generator can skip that part of the tag is empty.

That works to eliminate extra newlines.
Only limitation is that you can't place twoo bookmarks at the same location. That is annoying when you have multiple tags separated by newlines.


General Board / Re: Enterprise Architect V16 - Licenses
« on: December 01, 2023, 11:46:31 pm »
There is a list of resellers on the website:
Some of these might respond sooner, and some might even give you a better price.


General Board / Re: Find Triggers that are NOT associated
« on: November 28, 2023, 07:19:19 pm »
I don't have anything in my drawer, and I haven't really worked with those triggers and state machines for a long while, but I might be able to give you some pointers.

- There is no "official" documentation of the database scheme, but you can reverse engineer the database in EA itself, and there is the Inside EA book by Thomas:
- There are a few usual suspects for how EA usually links stuff like this
  - a field in the t_connector (like pdata, styleex,...) that contains the id (or GUID) of the trigger
  - a tagged value on the connector (t_connectorTag) that contains the id (or GUID) of the trigger
  - a record in t_xref that contains the guid of the trigger in the description
- You can ususally figure out where EA stores stuff like this by setting up something like SQL profiler that captures all sql statements executed on the database. (make sure to start, save your connector, and stop the profiler, otherwise you have way too much noise)


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