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okay I admit it, my eyes are getting 'old'.. 12pt fonts on a high-resolution screen are MURDER on my eyes as it causes strain.  On v13.0.1300, how can I do this? I already did the Start > Workspace > Preferences > Preferences > Diagram ? Appearance.. etc., but this isn't across the board.


Got it!! Thx to all for answering..

I could've sworn I could set this (manually) in prior versions.  Am I wrong?


Bugs and Issues / Re: MS Access 2013 and EAP files
« on: May 05, 2017, 09:04:18 am »
Hmmm, is this still an issue?  I don't see EABaseJet4 at (I've logged in as a registered user).

I'm on v13, and although I ran into this in the past. .I can no  longer find the option to use Jet4 without opening a file.. and I cannot open a file!


General Board / Sharing/Distributing Version Control settings for a Repo
« on: December 01, 2016, 11:24:48 am »

We have version control enabled, as per:

Is there way to 'export VC settings' (e.g. the SVN back-end server URL, and indeed the "Unique ID" on the "Version Control Settings" dialog box? 


I have the option checked off for "Hide Properties Info Section".. but I still cannot see the windows (neither docked nor floating) for the properties. I tried 'Alt+1' keyboard shortcut and View-> Properties.

I'm running V12.1.1229 on Windows 7.   Has anyone run into this?


In Reply to KP:  D'oh!!! That was so easy. Thanks.

In Reply to 'qwerty': Nice to be back - I got sidetracked by a plethora of other initiatives (e.g. mobile architectures, online public engagement, TOGAF, SOA) but I have to get back to this.  Our organization has now adopted Sparx EA as the standard tool, and our sister agencies are on the same path.  Yay!

In Reply to 'RoyC':  Yes I searched for "navigation pane" on the new forum, but just got hits on "HTML Reports" and other n/a stuff.  "Portals" is the way I should've searched for help.

.. the one with 'Project, 'Today', last visited elements.. etc.

I feel dumb but cannot figure it out.


General Board / Re: Cloud Server / EAP FIles / Revision Control
« on: December 24, 2015, 06:44:07 am »
I thought that Sparx EA version control didn't support git, as Sparx EA required exclusive locks.  I'll look for the Online Help or White Paper that says this, but this is the main reason why my organization is staying with SubVersion.   

Also check out Toolbus, at:

Please note that this product is the "other" way (i.e. UML Class Models from Enterprise Architect to Entity Relationship Models for Oracle Designer), but their staff seem knowledgeable in these sorts of migrations.

Our site had planned to buy their product, but then ran into budget difficulties.  Their staff were very helpful and eager to help with 'customizing' the Interface to incorporate our specific Data Admin standards (e.g. naming, upper case, underscore, etc.).


Suggestions and Requests / Re: DDL to manage a changing schema
« on: April 09, 2007, 08:03:23 pm »
As Michael pointed out, simple Alter is not viable if data is to be preserved. I think most users would want the alter DDL statements to preserve data in the target DB.

No, that's not true; at least not in my experience.  I had worked with Oracle's Designer tool to build dozens of DB schemas, and this tool never ever assumed 'preserve data' when generating the alter DDL statements.

In my experience, when developing applications and the back-end DB schemas, you'll want complete flexibility to revise the schema design during development.

We either had a set of manual 'load lookup table' and 'load test data' scripts, or had an off-the-shelf 'test data generator' utility.  

In the 1st case, we manually updated these scripts as we revised the schema.  In the 2nd case, we just re-ran the 'test data generator' utility, which could read the updated schema and revise its generation accordingly.

We always had a 'drop all' or 'truncate all' script that we ran in between revisions to the schema objects, and then we'd re-run whatever scripts on hand to pre-populate (or what I called 'bootstrapping') the schema.

At certain milestones, we'd run a fresh 'generate new' instead of 'alter ddl', to get DDL scripts that create brand new schema objects.  And then the cycle would start anew, until we got to implementation.
In the case where you're running an 'alter ddl' on a production DB schema, well that's a different beast, and you'd want to manually write the 'move data from old to new' schema objects.

So, what I'm saying is (assuming Sparx hasn't already spent time on this feature) users probably won't require a 'preserve data' option when generating the ALTER DDL.  


Suggestions and Requests / Re: EA should use relative paths per default
« on: August 16, 2007, 11:56:17 am »
Have a sharp look at both. Don't you think they should be exchanged?
On my (v7.0.815) version, the icons look fine.

"New Diagram" is a group of interconnected boxes (i.e. a diagram of related several modeling elements).  "New Element" is a single box with compartments, kind of like a class box; this implies (to me) a single modeling element.

.. makes sense to me :-/


Suggestions and Requests / Question on EA.chm on download URL
« on: August 13, 2007, 09:12:32 am »

Just decided to install build 815, from  

I noticed that EAUserGuide.pdf (at is available, separate from the overall patch download (i.e.  This makes sense, so I know that there is only one 'most recent version' of this.

However, there are two EA.chm help files.  One at (dated AUG-03-2007 and 7,784 kb), and the other that is included with the patch file (at 7,871 kb).

It's confusing as to which one is the more recent. I'm guessing it's the one that is included *with* the patchfile, but then the other version should be updated on the download page.


Suggestions and Requests / Re: EA Remote Repository for Oracle 9i
« on: July 27, 2007, 08:38:03 am »
Perhaps the documentation needs to remain with the Oracle user and administrator communities.
Well, looking at the installation docs for Oracle's *own* CASE tool (Designer), I see whole sections devoted to "DBA tasks you must do on your own prior to installation".  They explicitly list stuff like:
 GRANT EXECUTE ON sys.lt_export_pkg TO exp_full_database;
 GRANT EXECUTE ON sys.lt_export_pkg TO PUBLIC;
 GRANT EXECUTE ON sys.lt_export_pkg TO user;

I suspect there are reasons to have you manually do this (e.g. running a script while logged on as a super-user isn't a good practice), and I don't know if SQL-Server or MSSQL or PostGRES are the same, but in all my years of using Oracle, I've always found explicit instructions on how to manually prepare the database account.


At last...  Someone who understands...[size=13]VIT: Model<->Code Commentary & Metadata[/size]

Actually, the link above returns an error.  Try this one instead:;action=display;num=1172058404;start=0#0


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