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General Board / Read v 11 files with v 10?
« on: May 17, 2014, 06:42:06 am »
Can I read v 11 eap files with v 10? I know I can read v 10 files with v 11.

Looking for possible waysto handle this:

A sort of glossary feature that will allow user to map certain names/terms to a designated word. Going hand-in-hand with this feature would be the ability to automatically map domain type (VARCHAR, INT, etc.) to a pre-defined column name. (i.e. If we set a column name ‘ZIP_CODE’ to domain type of VARCHAR(5), every time we reuse ‘ZIP_CODE’ as a column name, EA would automatically assign the domain type of VARCHAR(5) to it.)

Any guidance would be great!  :)

Has anyone connected EA to SAP Solution Manager to get data/diagrams from the repository in SAP? Looking for ways to consider bringing process model content from that storage.

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