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Suggestions and Requests / Re: SQL in RTF templates?
« on: June 05, 2010, 05:13:26 am »
I was thinking of something with a bit more flexibility, e.g. a bit of programmatic code mixed with pure SQL, that would allow the report to adapt, as it were, to the results as they are being generated. Maybe a better description would be scripting + SQL embedded in a report template.

Fred W

Suggestions and Requests / SQL in RTF templates?
« on: June 04, 2010, 11:37:09 am »
When working with the RTF report generator, I have often found myself wishing that I could plunk an SQL query between template tags to get just the elements and fields I want given the context set by the tag, in the order I want them, and then feed them into, say, a table with RTF merge fields acting as placeholders for the results of the query. My only recourse to date has been either to a) get as close as I can with the RTF generator and "settle;" or b) go outside of EA and access the underlying RDBMS directly.

Does anyone second this?

Fred W

Gets my vote!

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Raised line crossings for connectors
« on: May 13, 2010, 12:33:54 pm »

Cheers Simon,

Until you posted this, I had never clicked on "Custom" for feature visibility... never mind! The ability to do just what I described IS already there. DOH!!!

Fred W.

Visual Studio 2010 provides the ability to filter which attributes and operations are shown on .cd class diagrams. This would, IMHO, be much more useful than simply turning groups of them them on and off by access specifier as EA does at present. I'll be posting a feature request to that effect.

Any thoughts?

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Black Box
« on: February 05, 2010, 08:02:57 am »

Capital idea! EA crashes are not frequent enough to cause me to pull out my hair (there's precious little of it left as it is), but it would be very useful to have better crash error messages, mini-dumps, etc.


Well, she would have taken the current value of the variable before incrementing it, which means she would have wound up with C instead of G all the same, and so would have still gone POOF!

If the Oracle at Delphi felt pressured to predict favorable outcomes, could you measure that pressure in Pascals?

Ultimately, the AI should, as Paolo has often pointed out, completely shadow the UI such that whatever a user can do manually through the UI, the AI can do the same thing programmatically.

Sparx has offered a caveat in their response to a feature request I sent in, to wit:
Hello Fred,

Apologies for the much delayed reply.

1. Do Sparx have plans for the StrContent field in the foreseeable
future, or would they be willing to allow this field to be used for
application-specific plain text objects?
- Currently this is used by the Team Review (Forum) and we cannot
guarantee in the foreseeable future that we will not use this field for
other entries.

2. Would Sparx consider allowing custom row entries in t_document
provided that the rules regarding EA's use of the table were followed?
This would allow arbitrary BLOB content (such as images, Autocad DXF or
DWG files, PDF files, etc.) to be stored as element attachments WITHIN
the database rather than as linked files. This encapsulation is
important for cases where a distributed team is working on a project but
not everyone necessarily has access to the linked files.
- We advise against modifying the database as we can not guarantee the
effect on EA's performance.
Note: I've tinkered with custom row entries (along with multiple linked
document entries) in t_document and EA seems to get along quite nicely
with them (it does, however, seem to ignore all but the first linked
document for a given element).

3. Are there any reasons why the listed fields in t_object shouldn't be
used for custom plain text data in Requirement elements?
- Because we can not guarantee that we will not be using them in the

4. Would Sparx consider adding improved Automation Interface support for
the listed fields in t_document (and for the more obscure fields in
t_object while they're at it)? For starters, it would be good to be able
to load linked document RTF directly from a string rather than only from
a file.
- We will add this as a feature request on your behalf to be looked into
for a future date.

5. As an alternative (or additionally - even better) would Sparx
consider adding an option (checkbox in the UI) to treat the element
Notes field as plain rather than Rich Text? This would allow the field
to be used for XML, HTML, and other markup without it being mangled by
the HTML-lite parser used by EA. This probably means another database
hack (maybe to StyleEx or something similar?), but it seems eminently
- For now we are not looking at going down that path however, we will
make a note of this.

6. As a side issue, what format does EA use to store RTF files? Is it
compressed (e.g. Zipped)?
- Yes, it is zipped.

However, for future build we are looking at extending some features in
the Team Review center that may assist you. Currently, you can store two
different types of resources on a Team Review item, images and XMI
package exports in version 8.0. For a future build we will be looking at
potentially adding support to for a wide range of different resource
types. This will allow you to store previously external resources in the
model. They will then be more accessible plus you will be able to
discuss them with your team. Also, some other potential additions will
be the ability to see the posts relevant to you or flag a post for
others to look at.  

Best Regards,
(Name Removed)
Sparx Systems Pty Ltd

Totally and wholeheartedly agree. This approach should be extended to the entire database schema, allowing access to things like all fields in t_document, direct API R/W access to RTF documents without having to use a file as an intermediary, etc.

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Status Field for diagrams
« on: March 05, 2010, 06:52:11 am »
For the tagged values, well just be careful with that. Stereotypes and tagged values on diagrams are not UML.

Well, they should be. Diagrams are objects too!  :)

Diagram status is essentially the same thing as drawing status in the hardware engineering world and is fundamental configuration management stuff. Definitely gets my vote, along with stereotypes and tagged values, standard or no. After all, EA was ahead of the standards curve with Requirements, for example, long before SysML was a gleam in OMG's eye.

Fred W

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Viewing more things 'side by side'
« on: January 25, 2010, 08:04:03 pm »

The extinguished representative from Pennsylvania votes AYE!

Suggestions and Requests / Re: Display full namespaces in diagrams
« on: January 30, 2010, 01:31:40 pm »
Yes! Si! Oui! Da! Ja! Hai! Nai!

The "Ayes" have it!

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