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Thank you Eve, you made my day. :)

Wot 'e sed!

No, the relationship isn't incorrect, the words in the Trace window and on the QuickLinker menu are wrong. The OP doesn't need to do anything to his model except to carry on modelling...
Thanks for clarifying, KP.  I was a little confused since the "standard" Trace relationship is fine.


Oh Boy now what do we do  ???
n this type of situation, we rewrite our custom shapescript to draw the incorrect relationship in the correct way, but we don't extend other MDGs (usually) so it's easier for us.
An alternative might be to reverse the direction in the repository (via SQL).  Then when the fix arrives (if ever), you can revert.

Sorry if that's not much help.


The code I shared actually traverses some of the relations and puts them onto the diagram.

There's not much more I can do. You'll have to dig in, and try it yourself. If you find yourself stuck, by all means, post here (although maybe next time use only black text, my eyes hurt a bit trying to read your colourful posts ;D )

Yes, Rob, Geert is now an old man, and I am even more ancient!   ;D   Do keep us in mind when posting.  Even with my reading glasses on it was too hard to read your post.  If you see some of my posts over the decade or so, you'll see I'm not averse to colour, but it must be used judiciously!   ;)


General Board / Re: How to close a Portal Window
« on: June 19, 2022, 10:55:47 am »
I remember I was searching for that menu for the first time for quite a time. EA as usual...

15 years of using EA and I never thought to do that before...  :o

Learn something new every day!  I always went for the dropdown, pin and cross -which should have been consistent across ALL windows with this functionality.  EAUI strikes again, as you say.

Anyway, thanks Geert!  Geert to the rescue, as usual!  :D


I stumbled over this too and found no solution. Except you would write an add-in for it.


General Board / Re: How to close a Portal Window
« on: June 17, 2022, 09:58:46 pm »
Offline now. But IIRC, in the context of the top bar, there's a Hide.

Sorry, q, not that I can find. Can you confirm with your version?


As we know, setting the background colour and border in an MDG will cause the created element to have those properties.  I tried to set the Notes compartment to visible and the size of the note in the MDG for the stereotype, but this didn't transfer to the created element.

Is it possible?  If so, how?

General Board / How to close a Portal Window
« on: June 17, 2022, 12:47:42 pm »
I normally DON'T have the Portal window open.  However, I needed to use it and then accidentally save that arrangement as my default.
No problem, I'll just close the Portal window and resave!   ;)

Err...  Can't seem to close the Portal window.  Can a kind soul tell me how to do it?


Does anyone know why EA doesn't allow MDGs to create alternate project browser images for extensions to 'package' ? There's just a 1-liner in the documentation (V15.2:  'This does not apply to package elements").
Has anyone tried to get around this by defining a specialization of an element instead - for example as an extension of 'class' - and using this in place of a specialized package? Seems like most things will still work, except stuff like 'show package contents' in diagrams. Are there any big gotchas out there?
I seem to want this capability quite a lot, to show the modeller that not all packages are alike, and some should have certain kinds of elements, and others ones other kinds. Seems intuitive.
Is it possible to decorate the built-in icon?
@Sparx - is this just something you didn't get around to yet, or is there some deep reason why we shouldn't do it?
Hi Ian,
It won't surprise you to find "I've been here, done that!"!  We have a number of package stereotypes each with its own icon.  They are managed in the normal way (icon attribute on the stereotype).  However, the instantiation of the icon in the browser during EA use can be intermittent.  Most of the time it's fine, but occasionally it "disappears" to return with a reload of the package content.

Sparx refused to fix what (to me and others) appeared to be a defect.

There you have it.

Since I haven't been using v16 (for reasons previously noted), I hadn't noticed this.  However, it seems to be a significant backward step (as you imply)!  Asking for the rationale has been pointless so far.

Looks like I'll be moving to v16 with b1605, so I have new irritations to increase my blood pressure.


General Board / Re: Shapescript with a compartment for the namespace
« on: June 15, 2022, 09:01:55 am »
Thanks Thomas and Eve, I'll give a try.

Eve, I suspect that packagepath may not do what I am after, please see this thread for context,46931.0.html.
Call me a literalist, but I would have thought PackagePath should yield the path to the package (as described in the browser.)  Whereas, PackageNamespace might return the Namespace created by traversing the package path from the namespace root (which could be anywhere on that path) and the package - taking into account any suppressed packages (that shouldn't contribute to the namespace).  The results could be quite different for the two properties (or identical in many cases).

Perhaps that's what Modesto means?

Just a thought.

While we, like some other organisations, haven't been able to upgrade to v16 due to an inheritance bug when defining models via the metadata[1] - we have been persevering with v15.2.  We're noticing that when we use our model-generated QuickLinker definitions between certain stereotypes, some of the options go "walkabout" - that is, they disappear!  Try to link to another stereotype (which should produce the same result and they are present!).
When this happens, our research occasionally finds there are (legitimate) behind-the-scenes reasons why EA decides not to provide the option.  However, often, there seems to be NO "rhyme or reason" for this (that we can see).

So after spending a wasted two hours trying to establish any logical reason why the option was missing, we tried the SAME MDG specification on the SAME repository under v16 to discover that under V16, the options are "all present and accounted for"!

Can anyone, but preferably a Sparxian who can speak knowledgeably about the subject, indicate what inheritance improvements that affect the QuickLinker behaviour were made in the v16 release?  Those of us who have been here a long time are aware that these explanations are often obfuscated under arcane descriptions of version changes.  We'd like to understand clearly what has been improved so we can quickly decide that a new QuiuckLinker failure under v15 has been fixed in v16 rather than have to waste a lot of energy starting up v16, cross-checking and then determining that the issue still occurs under v16.

In addition, are there any more changes to inheritance under MDGs for the next release of EA?


[1]We have since been told that the defect will be fixed in the next release.

Yes, it makes sense that the user would want at least some types from the new technology. In an already tight restriction, it makes sense to require explicit selection of the newly allowed types.

Sparx has always had a problem creating a useful user Selection experience. See my many posts in the past.  They appear to be living in the 1980s when User Experience was not considered.

As Geert said "Pff"!


When adding a new technology to a strict model based perspective set, nothing in that new technology is selected by default.
You have to manually select all the elements, diagrams etc... before they can be used.

The default should be that everything is selected, so you can uncheck what you don't need.


Wot 'e sed!

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