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OK - I now have code to extract this, if anyone ever needs it.

General Board / 'Link' Connector type - did I imagine it ?
« on: April 16, 2018, 11:10:58 pm »
I'm (fairly) sure that there used to be a Connector Type of 'link', which UML says (or at least, used to say) we're supposed to use to connect Instances with each other.
The element/element relationship connector type defines what the instance/instance connection means, but I thought that the instance/instance connector itself was just a 'link'.
Did I imagine this?
It seems that in V14 (and I think 13 as well) I seem to have to lost the ability to create a simple link.
@Sparx - was this deliberate? Maybe a new corner of UML which I missed? Or maybe it got lost?
And, if I just add 'link' to t_conectorTypes, is that allowed? Feels like a big step, inventing new Connector Types, which might have bad consequences.

General Board / Re: V14 Beta - Import/Export XMI
« on: April 16, 2018, 11:05:34 pm »
...and thanks @Peter

General Board / Re: V14 Beta - Import/Export XMI
« on: April 16, 2018, 11:04:31 pm »
Gee thanks Nizam. I'll add that to the other 500 simple shortcuts I'm expected to remember!  ;)

General Board / V14 Beta - Import/Export XMI
« on: April 10, 2018, 10:56:48 pm »
In Build 1405, I can't find the Import/Export XMI options, except in model roots. Views and Packages don't seem to have it.
Has this option gone somewhere else ? Or been removed ?

This may not be news to some, but it was to me...
I could never open older (pre-v14) versions of EAP files with modern versions of Access, but the good news is that EAPX files can now be opened in Access 2016. Much easier to see where Sparx have put new information, or to do searches outside of EA.
'just thought you might like to know...

Outstanding work! Thanks from the eaDocX team - this is the kind of information add-in writers really need.

General Board / Re: When is an instance not an Object?
« on: March 29, 2018, 01:26:47 am »
So this is the list of element types which create instances which have the same object_type as their classifier:
  • Component - and, i think, MDGs which create stereotypes of Component
  • Artifact
  • Requirements Checklist
  • Matrix specification
  • Report specification
  • Activity
  • Collaboration (not the new V14 collaboration thing - i think)
  • Deployment Specification
  • Device
  • Encrypted Document
  • Execution environment
  • Review (the v13/14 idea)
  • Node
Please note also:
- this is just derived from experimentation, so Sparx might change it if they feel like it
- these are just the types I can find - there may be more
- its seems likely that stereotypes of these types which are created by MDGs will also create 'typed' instances, but I've only looked at a few, and lots of MDGs just stereotype 'Class', so they will produce object_type="Object" anyway.
- I have no idea what instances of some of these mean in a model!
- all other seem to create instances with object_type="Object"
@querty - maybe this could go into the next 'Inside EA'?

Can I have my life back now please ?

General Board / Icons on Artifacts
« on: October 11, 2017, 07:01:03 pm »
I just dropped an 'Artifact' element on a diagram, and gave it a stereotype of 'decision', and was a bit surprised when EA helpfully gave it a little green diamond next to the 'artifact' icon.
This makes me wonder, are there other icons which EA might put there if I choose other stereotypes for my Artifact? Does anyone know? Sadly, I don't have an infinite number of monkeys to try out all possible stereotypes, so I wonder if @Sparx know ?
Not a world-changing feature, but still enjoyable..

I get the basic idea. It's just that I need some C# or to get it done. Do you have anything ?

does anyone have any code for this? To go from the BinContent1 to some XML i can use?

@Adam P - did you ever post the code to do the decoding somewhere?
I really need to access this Audit data (and all the other base64 stuff which is in the data model thee days), and whilst I understand the principle form bits of other posts, nobody has - so far-  posted a complete solution:
- get column from EA (in base64)
- return some content (probably XML) which can be processed.
I somehow get lost in the byte array, memorystreams and encoding.
Sounds like you have a solution.

General Board / Re: MDG - Calculating a tagged value from other tags
« on: July 21, 2017, 12:49:56 am »
I've seem variations of this problem in lots of places, especially with Archimate models which have lots of quantity values at the lower levels. I guess SysML users have the same challenge.
It would be great if EA did this simple arithmetic for us, supporting 'virtual TVs' in parent elements which aggregate the values of the children. We'd need to be able to say if aggregation is valid (e.g. can't aggregate averages), but it's a well bounded problem. It would open up a whole new world for EA users .
@Sparx - has anyone thought  of such a 'Quantitative EA' ??

Disclosure - I'm the author of eaDocX.
I've never tried it specifically with Parameters, but eaDocX will let you write an EA script which acts as a mini-generator, so you can format stuff in whatever styles you want. Maybe worth a try. Free trial so you can test it.

General Board / Re: Figure numbers in captions in generate documents?
« on: July 21, 2017, 12:37:02 am »
eaDocX will let you use the Word function for doing this, so you can get numbering, and all the Word stuff like table-of-figures.

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