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General Board / 13.5 reviews - set reviewers
« on: July 20, 2017, 07:31:34 pm »
I'm looking into the new 13.5 Review mechanism.
I can see how to set the 'what' to review, the 'when', but not the 'who'? Is there some way to say who I want to do the review? Or is there some existing way to do this ? Confession - I've not used EA Element or Team reviews before....

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Repository.ImportRASAsset
« on: January 24, 2017, 04:34:19 am »
The release notes of 1308 announce a new API: Repository.ImportRASAsset.
Has anyone tried this?
The Help seems to be silent on the subject, and I just don't have time to do the reverse-engineering to find out what the API does.

Or even if it really exists .

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: V13 menu handling with Addins
« on: September 16, 2016, 06:56:14 pm »
I'm trying to find out if there is a newer build where this might be fixed - is there somewhere where we can see what the latest build of V13 is, and even better, which issues are fixed in it?
Website searches on 'beta 13 release notes' don't produce anything...

See item,36058.0.html
The use of nvarchar(max) as a data type seems to have some bad effects, at least in my setup.
Tried with SQL Server 214 and SQl Server 2016 - they both show the same issue with the nvarchar(max) data type

General Board / Re: SQl Server 2016 anyone?
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:46:30 pm »
I edited the current SQL Server install script to globally replace nvarchar(max) with ntext, re-installed it , re-populated it, and the problem seems to have gone away.
2 days of my life I'll never get back  - thanks Sparx...

General Board / Re: SQl Server 2016 anyone?
« on: September 12, 2016, 09:26:14 pm »
I just re-tried installing SQL Server 2014, and adding a new EA rep using the NEW rep script - same error.
Do you have a copy of the old setup script - I hadn't noticed that the latest one is SO new...

General Board / SQl Server 2016 anyone?
« on: September 12, 2016, 07:45:36 pm »
I'm just setting up a new server, and I'm seeing a REALLY strange error: the 'Notes' field won't update.
This is an all-new machine, with Microsoft server 2012, and SQL Server 2016 - first time I have used this.
Setup is otherwise the same on an existing machine - which works - and the new one - which has the above error.
- both have EA 12.1 Ultimate
- both use SQL server
- both using the same repository content.

So I can create new elements/diagrams/packages on the new server, and I can update the simple fields : name, phase, difficulty etc, but not the Notes. If the Notes pane is open (the one which is separate from the Properties page) then I can see my update to the Notes. but as soon as I switch to another element, then back again, the update is lost.
I even tried updating the database directly, and those updates don't show up back in EA. It's as if EA just can't process Notes fields. Same thing happens with Notes on Attributes & Operations: updates just don't work, so it's not specific to t_object: t_atribute and t_method show the same effect.

This may not be relevant, but I notice that, between SQL Server 2014 and 2016, the datatype of all the Note fields has changed from nText (SQL 2014) to nvarchar(Max) (SQL 2016), but Mr. Google says that they are backwards compatible. And the EA setup script specifies [Note] nvarchar(max), so it seems that SQl Server 2014 makes this into nText datatype.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? I really need this server for a customer demo, and it's driving me crazy...

I have tried this again with build 1305, and it's still broken.
I think what is happening is that,
- In V12,
 when the user clicks on a menu item, EA calls EA_GetMenuItems with a blank MenuName parameter.
Addin then responds with the 'top level' menu.
Then when the user hovers over one of those items, EA calls EA_GetMenuItems, and passes the name of the menu item they hovered over, and the addin can then respond with a sub-menu for that item

In V13, that second call doesn't seem to happen, so the user  just sees the top level menu, and empty sub-menus.
Is this what other add-in writers are seeing?
@Sparx - is this what you think the code is doing ?

General Board / Cloning children
« on: August 03, 2016, 12:58:46 am »
Using EA v13 build 1303, and no, this is not the start of a moral debate on child cloning....
The 'clone element' function in v13 works with no surprises when the item being cloned is a child of a package.
(Package) Original Package
--diagram 1
--element 1

Cloned to become:
(package) Cloned Original Package
--diagram1 (clone, empty)

I then drop element1 onto the cloned diagram1, and get EA to create a clone of element1, as a child of (package) Cloned Original Package:
(package) Cloned Original Package
--diagram1 (clone)
--element1 (clone)

So far, so good. No surprises.

So what about if I create a child of element1, and repeat the process:
(Package) Original Package
--diagram 1
--element 1
----element1.1 (child of element1)

Question is, what do we expect to happen when we clone element1 now? Do we clone its children as well? ALL of them? And their children?
If element1 is a BPMN process, then it will have children which are lanes/pools, which in turn will have lots of child activities, events etc: a BIG structure.

But what's the alternative? If we don't clone all the children, then EA seems to get confused, and won't clone the children AT ALL (bug reported).

So if I want to create a new version of a process, how should it be done? I think a 'deep clone' (all children) makes sense, but I'm really not sure what I expect.

Ideas please!

Update - I have tried this with the latest v13 build - 1301- and the issue is still there.
It's sad that in order to check if issues have been resolved, all we can do is download the new version, re-install it, test it again, de-install it if the issue remains.
As many, many others have said elsewhere on this forum, a simple list of 'stuff we have fixed since the last release' - with a reference to the forum item - would be the kinder way to do it.
Please ?

Ah - so the parent element (the thing in which my element is embedded) know what is embedded in it, but the embedded element would have to look through all the 'embedded elements' collection of all elements to try to find itself.
More SQL....:-(

Does anyone know if it's possible to detect when an element is an EA 'embedded element', that is, and element of a type which cannot be dropped onto a diagram ? I've looked through all the obvious attributes of the element, and nothing says 'I'm an  embedded element'.

Yes - I discovered this late yesterday.
So why the change? Doesn't make sense - I don't want to do anything with XMI (even though I'm sure that EA is creating/pasting stuff in XMI format under the covers)
The V12 way of describing this function, as a simple copy/paste, seemed obvious. The v13 way requires the user to understand the internals of EA :-(

Has anyone got the "Copy to clipboard" (for a package) and 'paste from clipboard' to work in V13 Beta?
'Copy to Clipboard' is there, but when I copy a package, the 'paste elements(s) from clipboard' option is grayed-out.

Has something changed in the V13 menu handling?
In V12, when the user chooses an extension menu from the main EA menu, then EA_GetMenuItems passes menuLocation = "MainMenu"
In V13, it's passing menuLocation = "Diagram", but this seems to be a transient effect. Sometimes, I get another random menu, other times, just a top-level menu with no sub-menu items. EA may be passing the type of thing I have selected in the Project Browser, but even then not reliably, and EA12 didn't do that.
This is repeatable - when I go back to V12, all is well.
Please can someone have a look at this.

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