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I have list of functional requirements in my model and diagram.
For each requirement is filled at least field Name and Notes. When I export list of requirements to CSV (via EA csv export/import tool) text in Name field is exported correctly, but the same text in Notes is in different code page, so intead of
REQ AM4: 019 íážýáýžáýťžáíé  I will get REQ AM4: 019 íážýáýžáýťžáíé

I have set in Manage project option - Source code engineering to code page (65001 UTF-8).
I have tried different code pages, result is the same.
What could be the problem and solution?



General Board / How to import database structure from DBF?
« on: January 05, 2010, 09:51:06 pm »
I have a lot of VisualFoxPro DBF files. I need to import their data structure to EA and create Data model - tables and columns. I have tried to import it through "Import DB schema from ODBC" but I have got error message about Invalid string or buffer lenght. Then table in Data model is created but without columns.
I have tried also import through MS Access and ODBC, but with similar results - error is not recognizable format.

So, is there some easy way how to get FisualFoxPro DBF structure to EA Data model?

Thank you in advance for Your suggestion and tips.


Tomas Renco

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