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Hi All,
Few years back when i started developing an Addin for Enterprise Architect using python 2.7 64bit, I had an issue with the tkInter. After some research and some inputs, I found that Enterprise Architect is 32bit build. So i will have to use python 32bit. After installing python 32 bit it went well. Now i have an requirement to use python 2.7 64 bit with Enterprise Architect. I see the issue still persists. So wanted to check if anybody has developed an Addin using Python 2.7 64 bit for Enterprise Architect.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Add a diagram from a jpg image
« on: January 09, 2016, 12:19:36 am »
I want to add a diagram from my file system which I had saved previously as a jpg image. I know there is a method to add new diagram, but I am not able to find any where i can load it from a image file. any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

General Board / Storing a static string in Enterprise Architect
« on: May 15, 2014, 08:24:54 pm »
I want to store a static string(say template path) in Enterprise architect. I know there many ways to do this. but i want to know which is the best and simplest way to do it. Also does Enterprise Architect support storing user defined strings globally?

I want to check if the sort alphabetically is checked, I want to do this programatically. Any of the Class which will have this information? I looked through the Repository and Element   classes, no luck. Would really appreciate it if somebody could help me with it.

Whenever i add an activity parameter to an activity, by default the direction is "in". i want to change this to "out". Would be great if anybody can help me with this. Below is the code i am using in pythoin

Code: [Select]

the above code adds an activity with an activity parameter with all the default values.

I tried to make the same activity parameter(Att1) of a particular type by specifying its ClassifierId

Code: [Select]
NewElem2=SelectedPackage.Elements.AddNew('testActivity','Activity') NewAttr1=NewElem2.Elements.AddNew('Att1','ActivityParameter')
NewAttr1.ClassifierId=239 (user defined type)

similarly i want to change the direction of the parameter. Basically i am trying to convert a class into an activity.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / More info on GetElementsByQuery
« on: November 15, 2014, 01:01:15 am »
There is this method from the Repository Class GetElementsByQuery (string QueryName, string SearchTerm).

i want to find an Element object with its name 'sint16'.
By default this query- GetElementsByQuery ("Simple", "sint16") returns a collection witth the string sint16 contained in either name or notes. I want to filter this query only if it matches the name.

I want to import from source files using a matlab bus file(.m) and the only possibility is to use the grammar framework. Anybody has an experience or have written a grammar for import matlab source files?

I have written an Addin using python as a scripting language. I would like to add an class or activity to an existing package using the script.
I did try doing this but i would get an exception.

Collection = m_Repository.GetTreeSelectedElements()
Collection = Collection.GetAt(0)


I have a requirement to generate a class from the source file. So far I have done it using a c(.h) file. But now i have the same bus definitions in a .m file. EA directly wont support .m files but is there any workaround or if someone has already tried doing this and succeeded?. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a project which starts at Model, under that i have a view and under that view i have many packages. Is there any way i get to know by some property if its a view or a package? i tried debugging it all i see is in a view, the property Flags has some value isModel=1;VICON=4 and for the other packages the Flags property is empty.

I came across a link on your forum where it says we can custom dock window for Enterprise Architect. There the example is in C#. If at all I want to achieve the same in python how can I do it? I currently use Tkinter to show the dialog’s. Please help me with this

i took reference from the C# sample to create an addin and created my own addin in python. But when i wrote it in python, if the operation takes more than 3 seconds i get server busy window. Anyway i can avoid it or somebody has come across the same issue?

I have created an Addin(Extension) for Enterprise Architect. And it appears under extensions when i right click on any model element. Now i want to have an custom icon and an custom shortcut key for the same. Also i want to do it in my program which registers this Addin to Enterprise Architect. I have written this Addin in Python 2.7. The Image for my Addin is Below, Also you can see some below menu items having icons and shortcuts

I have created an addin(Extension) for enterprise architect. The addin basically popup's a dialog(using tkinter of python to show this popup) where i allow the user to select the directory path. now if the user takes more than say 3 seconds, there appears an server busy window, which the user has to click switch to to return to the previous control. Is there any way to avoid this or increase the server busy timeout in EA?.

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