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I came across a link on your forum where it says we can custom dock window for Enterprise Architect. There the example is in C#. If at all I want to achieve the same in python how can I do it? I currently use Tkinter to show the dialog’s. Please help me with this

Thanks a lot for taking time to understand my problem MrWappy.

In my case the Addin is executing a python script. Not sure if there is any way i can set an timeout for the script that is executing. And ya there is no IL like .Net.

Well i dont have an option. It has to be done in python itself. But i dont understand why it works smooth with C# but not with python.

i took reference from the C# sample to create an addin and created my own addin in python. But when i wrote it in python, if the operation takes more than 3 seconds i get server busy window. Anyway i can avoid it or somebody has come across the same issue?

I have created an Addin(Extension) for Enterprise Architect. And it appears under extensions when i right click on any model element. Now i want to have an custom icon and an custom shortcut key for the same. Also i want to do it in my program which registers this Addin to Enterprise Architect. I have written this Addin in Python 2.7. The Image for my Addin is Below, Also you can see some below menu items having icons and shortcuts

I have created an addin(Extension) for enterprise architect. The addin basically popup's a dialog(using tkinter of python to show this popup) where i allow the user to select the directory path. now if the user takes more than say 3 seconds, there appears an server busy window, which the user has to click switch to to return to the previous control. Is there any way to avoid this or increase the server busy timeout in EA?.

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