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General Board / Impoort/export option available/not available
« on: February 27, 2013, 10:32:22 pm »
When I right click on a package I have (amongst other things) the 'Import/Export' and 'Transform current package' options. One of my collegues, however, does not have these options.
The project is not security enabled, so there's no way his options could have been restricted via user or group permissoins.
Is there some way that an individual can configure their user set up to enable/disable certain options?

General Board / Master version of model and project versions
« on: February 19, 2013, 09:57:21 pm »
We are trying to implement operaional procedures as follows. We have a master/persistent view of diags/elements etc. but also run projects that take a snapshot of relevant parts of the master which can potentially be update /added to. However, we want to maintain the original view in the master while projects are updating/adding - only when projects have finished do we want their changes reflected in the master.
This must be a standard thing for organisations of any size to do, but I'm struggling with some basic issues. For example, if I create a project folder and drag/drop an element from the master folder, any updates made to that element in the project folder will get automatically/immediately reflected in the master.
I can't work out a way to take a "local copy" of relevant parts of the master (against which I can work without fear of impacting anything else) which I can then easily reflect back into the master when I've finished.
Does anybody have any views/experience of this?

General Board / Retaining component operations in CSV
« on: February 09, 2013, 03:25:09 am »
If I add an operation, or attribute, to a component is there any way I can persist that operation/attribute in a CSV export (and, vice versa, if I want to set up operations against components on a CSV file that I can then import)? I can't see anything in the import/export template window that will allow me to do this.

General Board / Modelling screen journeys in EA
« on: February 02, 2013, 02:41:17 am »
I'm sure this has been asked any number of times ...... what's the best way to model a screen journey using digrams and elements available in Sparx (UML or otherwise)?  I just want to show screen flow and simple logic, e.g. screen 1 is followed by screen 2 either screen 3 or screen 4 follows screen 2 depending on some decision/logic around screen 2. It's a piece of cake in visio, of course (a series of boxes linked up by connectors and decision diamonss). But I can't see a simple, intuitive way to represent it in sparx - sequence, state machine diagrams seem a bit clunky to show a simple screen journey.    

General Board / Synching windows user with EA user
« on: January 30, 2013, 12:11:17 am »
As part of my reading around Sparx security/user set up etc. I understand it is possible to import users from an Activer Directory group. This is good news, as it will save me (the administrator) from creating dozens of EA users manually. However, what I'm less clear about is whether the EA log in can authenticae against the logged in windows user , i.e. :-
1. The administrator creates Fred as an EA user with user name 'Fred' (using the AD group import function, maybe).
2. Fred logs into windows with user id and password of 'Fred'/'password1'.
3. Fred then fires up an EA project/model that is security enabled.
Now, is there any way for EA to recognize that the current windows user 'Fred' matches an EA user 'Fred' and, therefore, logs him in automatically (without him being presented with an EA log in box)?
OR .... if it's not possible to be so seamless, might the EA log in box be presented into which 'Fred' is entered thus enabling EA to recognize 'Fred' is already windows-authenticated such that no EA password is required?

General Board / Floating licence strategy
« on: January 29, 2013, 08:21:59 am »
My organisation is planning to convert its fixed licences to floating licences.
Before we do the conversion, however, we want to prove that the floating licence approach will work as expected in our organisation. Therefore, we aim to purchase an initial 5 floating licences to be used alongside the current fixed licenses (a question as to the technical validity of this will follow below).
As I understand the ‘Sparx Systems Keystore (SSKS) User Guide ‘ (and the ‘Visual Quick Start Guide), during the installation process I will be defining a location for the Sparx System Keystore server which I will then populate with the floating licences.
My questions are:-
I currently have a SQL DB set up as a persistent store of modelled artefacts to which users connect a project. Can I use this same SQL DB as the floating licence store (I want to use something more robust than a desktop machine)? If so, can I easily populate it with licence keys during the installation process?
Is the administration of the licence store (monitoring usage etc.) done only from the machine from which the installation was driven? If so, it sounds like it would be difficult having a deputy administrator (who would ideally access some central admin function from his own machine using relevant user id / password).
If I want to alternate between using a floating licence and a previously issued fixed licence (see point earlier regarding this) is that easily done using the ‘Help/Register and Manage licence keys/Licence management’ function?

General Board / SQL database / version control
« on: December 19, 2012, 11:30:54 pm »
I'm currently using a SQL DB to store our coprorate model. I'm now exploring using version control against this model. Does the use of a SQL DB preclude me from utilising version control (check in/check out), i.e. can I use EITHER something like SQL as a data store, and have no version control  OR   use something like CVS or subversion as my data store which will also enable version control / source code management mechanisms.

I realize my question may reflect my lack of understanding of the relationship between version control management tools and data stores, rather than a lack of understanding of how to configure Sparx. If so, sorry!!!!

Can anybody guide me?

General Board / Package level security
« on: December 06, 2012, 10:39:32 pm »
Help!! I've got a problem that must have been encountered, and solved, in the big wide world. There's probably something on the forum somewhere, but I can't see for looking. Here goes:-

I have a model on which I have enabled security. I have 2 users (U1 and U2). I have enabled security on the model but I want to implement security at the package level, i.e. I want to let only U1 be able to lock/edit P1 (and, of course, its underlying diagrams and elements) - U2 I want to only be able to view P1 elements. And vice versa for P2, i.e. only U2 can lock/edit P2 while U1 can only view.

Any ideas????

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