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Bugs and Issues / EA 12 Schema Composer not generating XSDchoice
« on: March 24, 2015, 10:11:16 pm »
I've been trying to use the new Schema Composer functionality from EA 12 as it helps me in the file generation of my XSD models.

Unfortunately, I have a critical issue that is preventing me to use this functionality for my clients. During the file generation, the schema composer does not recognise the class with stereotype XSDchoice and generates the respective class as a Complex Type. If I use the 'old' Generate XML Schema function, it works well.

I already contacted the support, but with no response yet. Therefore I would like to know if someone else has faced this issue.


Hi All,

I've decided not to wait for a Schema Composer update to support the functionalities that I've mentioned in this post:

Therefore, I've decided to write an add-in and customise the outputs of the Schema Composer. It's been a bit tricky as I couldn't find any documentation that could help me with the Schema Composer reference object model.

After looking at the sample code and some debugging exercise, I've managed to get almost everything I wanted. The only part missing is to retrieve the Schema profile namespace set in the Schema Composer.

I've managed to implement an workaround by retrieving the target namespace from the respective XSD Schema Package, but it would be good to use what is defined in Composer's schema profile.

Does anybody know how to do it? Or any documentation that could help?


Hi All,

Me again with the Schema Composer customisation issues...

Continuing the journey from my previous post (, I'm now trying to include some validations regarding the XSD style that we are generating. I'm struggling to find a way to tell Schema Composer that the XSD generation failed. Even if my add-in code throws an exception, the Schema Composer presents the exception on screen and another message after saying that the schema was successfully generated. I also tried to return 'false' in the EA_GenerateFromSchema method, with no effect.

Can anybody tell me what I'm missing?


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