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The only structured model format exported by EA is XMI, so if Visio can import that then there should be a chance.

I note there is a Visio 'UML to XMI export' option - but where is the import ?

I guess some trial and error might get you a usable value.

First try 1,2,3,4 and see if it's enumerated.

Then maybe 12, 120, 1200, to see if it's related to 1.2.

If you get an fail code each time, you could just hit it with a loop and increment until you get a success code, check the XMI type of your exported result, and then keep going until you have found values for all required types.

Brute force, but why not ?

Then you can post the values here ;-)

Hang on, this forum doesn't work like that - see here:;action=display;num=1103289802;start=2#6.

Maybe a polite email to requesting the appropriate enums, and pointing out that their documentation is incomplete ?

Usually works better than getting angry.


But then what's the Linux equivalent of the COM automation interface ? CORBA ? Mono ? SOAP ?

I suppose they could expose the internal automation via a JNI interface, then you could control that version of EA using Java ;-)

From Eclipse ?!

You should try to keep the Data Integrity report clean, but only do a Repair after a backup.

I tend to check each of the categories in turn (e.g. Connections), and then do a fix on it, before going to the next category.

I think you only tend to get problems in the database when EA has crashed. If you have subsequently been using the model without any problems then it probably is OK to do a Repair, but as I said, I do it one stage at a time.

Running an HTML documentation on your whole model would (I presume) throw up any problems in visible model elements - I'm guessing that errors found by the Integrity tool are database entries which "shouldn't happen", e.g. a connector without anything to connect !

Though perhaps Sparx could advise here ... or maybe they don't want to.

Orphan objects are sometimes OK if you are in the process of building a model - Actors without any associations yet, for example. They are elements which do not appear on any diagram (according to the Help file), or (this shouldn't happen) not even in the Project View.

Be careful before deleting them though - they may be within a package which is on a diagram although not in a diagram on their own - eg. a Requirement.

They are not the same as errors in the Integrity report.

I must add that the report would be more useful if it was more specific in identifying the faulty elements, so that I could have a look to check whether I could just delete them - or provide a Locate Selected button as per Find.

PS - why is this posted in the Automation forum ? When it says "Automation, Add ins and Tools" I don't think it means "things off the Tools menu" !!

Or if the model is in a database, I guess you could parse the model data tables directly - if you knew where everything lives !!?

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