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General Board / traceability from requirement to attribute
« on: June 26, 2003, 08:09:25 am »
G'day folks,

How do you go about setting up, either directly or indirectly, a realization between a table attribute and a requirement object?

I've tried linking a note to a table, then linking that note to an "element feature" (a new column attribute), then linking that note to a requirement with a realization link.  The only problem is notes don't show up in the relationship matrix.

Any other ideas?  (I'm using EAv3.51 build 612.)

Thanks in advance.

General Board / "Bug Report" and "Feature Request" forums?
« on: February 19, 2003, 04:29:07 am »
G'day folks,

Would it make sense to have a "Bug Report" forum?

That forum would allow anyone to check on whether or not a bug has already been reported and whether or not it has been fixed in some release/build of EA ...

I think a "Feature Request" forum might be a good thing for discussing and elaborating on any feature request.  A posting into a discussion could indicate whether or not a feature request has been implemented in some release/build of EA ...

General Board / Can classes default to other language?
« on: November 07, 2002, 12:01:28 pm »
G'day folks,

We've setup, via "Reference/Language Datatypes..." the datatypes for an added product not supported by EA -- SQLWindows.

Is there a way to setup EA so that all new classes, by default, have language set to SQLWindows, instead of being limited to the language choices supported by EA?

IF NOT, could this be added as a feature to EA?  Maybe code generation could be disabled for unsupported language products?

Thanks in advance.

General Board / Model windows messages processed by a class
« on: November 06, 2002, 11:52:22 am »
G'day folks,

I started modeling some abstract classes for our system.  No problem setting up instance/state variables as attributes and class functions as operations.

How do we specify for a class what user-defined messages are processed by that class?

Thanks in advance.

General Board / UML Question: documenting constants
« on: November 08, 2002, 06:00:54 am »
G'day folks,

In UML, would the best way to document/model constants be to group them into classes stereotyped as <enumeration>?

General Board / How: re-import deleted table association
« on: September 19, 2002, 11:50:12 am »
G'day folks,

While working on logical diagrams with imported database tables, I unintentionally deleted an association between two tables.  How can I get that association back without having to manually recreate it?

I've tried importing the DDL schema again, with "synchronize existing classes" option set, but that didn't bring the association back (I tried synchronizing for just the two tables, and for all tables).

Thanks in advance, and best regards.

General Board / UML newbie: documenting existing system
« on: September 19, 2002, 07:40:12 am »
G'day folks,

I've read several books on UML, and I think I've got the basic theory of it all.  Now I want to apply the knowledge and turn it into "know-how".

My approach to applying UML is to take a poorly documented system I inherited (maintenance and development), and to document it with UML.

How do I go about it?  Where do I start?  How should I (even just initially) setup packages and models?  I guess I have the equivalent of writer's block ... I know what models I want, know how to do the models, but don't know where to start, and what order I should be doing things in.

Anyone have any incremental steps to follow for this kind of thing?  (From general UML stuff to EA specific stuff?)

Thanks in advance and best regards.

General Board / How to keep track of datamodel changes
« on: September 09, 2002, 06:01:10 am »
G'day folks,

I reverse engineered our database in EA, and want to apply some changes to some columns in a table.

How do you highlight your datamodels to distinguish new columns from already existing ones?  Same question for new tables/relationships too.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

General Board / ORA-01000: Maximum open cursors exceeded
« on: September 10, 2002, 10:42:01 am »
G'day folks,

When I try to reverse engineer our database (about 180 tables), I get the ORA-01000 repeatedly (I don't know how many times) ... I just hold down the enter key until the message box doesn't show up anymore, and the process seems to be done.

I talked with the DBA, and Oracle is set to allow up to 500 cursors per session.  Is there something I haven't setup correctly for the ODBC data source?  Or, is there some bug in EA?

Finally, if it is a bug in EA, does it have any negative impact on the reverse engineering process, other than repeating the ORA-01000 message over and over again?

Much appreciated and best regards.

General Board / Tracing Requirements to Problem Statements
« on: August 30, 2002, 10:52:20 am »
G'day folks,

Is anyone using EA to trace requirements back to original user needs and problem statements?

If so, how?

My initial thoughts were to put problem statements in requirements elements and to keep those elements in a "Problem Statements" package (it would be nice if there were such a thing as a "Problem Statement" element).

Thanks in advance and best regards.

General Board / Package Contents Icons and diagrams
« on: August 20, 2002, 10:46:51 am »
G'day folks,

I've dropped packages on many diagrams and have set those diagrams to show package contents.

When printing those diagrams, the packages and their contents show up just fine, except that the icons for the contents of the package don't print.

Is this a feature that is missing, or is it something that I haven't (or have) done?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

General Board / Document many packages from many views
« on: July 25, 2002, 10:24:44 am »
G'day folks,

I'd like to be able to produce HTML/RTF documentation, for a group of packages from different views, as a "bundle".  Is there a way to do that currently?  (Aside from setting up links all over the place, and moving packages around before producing different "bundles" of documentation.)

If there currently isn't a way, then please consider my following wish:  virtual packages.  Essentially, picture a package (or a diagram) whose sole purpose is to document a view of the project ... links to any package (or any UML object, for that matter);  when producing documentation for the virtual package, or even generating code/DDL, all linked objects would be "sucked into" the process.

What do you think?  Would it be easy enough to implement and use?  Has this already been beaten to death in another thread?

General Board / Request: Use HyperLink as Activity "Object Type"
« on: July 11, 2002, 08:11:21 am »
G'day folks,

I've got a pretty big activity diagram that I've broken down into chunks.

Instead of having, say, an activity object called "Sub-Process B", I put a hyperlink to "Sub-Process B" in my main activity diagram, and use the hyperlink in the diagram the same as any Activity Object.

EA (3.10 Build 496) won't let me draw a flow line to/from a hyperlink, saying "The requested connection is not UML compliant".  Could EA be allowed to do this?

As a work-around, I've created an activity object called "Sub-Process B" in my main activity diagram and create flows to/from this.  EA then allows me to "Set Source and Target..." for flows, changing the original source/target to the hyperlink, no problem.  Is this a bad idea?

Much appreciated.

General Board / Upgrading to New Releases of EA
« on: July 12, 2002, 04:16:37 am »
G'day folks,

Probably a silly question, but here goes...

To upgrade from 3.10 build 496 to build 499, do I:

1) Do a "Full" download of release 499, uninstall Build 496, and do a full install of the new release of EA?
2) Do a "Patch" download of release 499, and install the patch on top of the already installed EA build 496?
3) Do I have to to both 1 and 2?

I guess I'm not sure if Patch 499 is supposed to be a patch of fixes for EA release 499, or a patch to upgrade older releases of EA to release 499... ???

Thanks in advance and best regards.

General Board / Cast your ballot for your favorite tool
« on: July 03, 2002, 04:43:50 am »
G'day folks,

I nominated Enterprise Architect as a "Best Modeling Tool" in the " Readers' Choice Awards". If you want to cast your ballot, I believe you have to first register with

This may be a good opportunity for us to show our appreciation for a great product like Enterprise Architect, by giving it our approval in another forum.


Jason V.

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