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General Board / Create object in simulation from other package doesn't work
« on: November 21, 2016, 12:39:04 am »
After creating an object in the effect textbox of an action using the CreateObject method:

sim.decisionMaker = sim.CreateObject("DecisionMaker");

, the object is not created if the Class of the object is not specified in a package resorting under the same package as the activity diagram containing the action. Further references to the object, for instance to methods result in "... is not a method".
If the class is under the same package as the activity diagram everything works fine.

Trying to avoid this problem by using the 'createobject'  special type of action, using an action pin to output the object gives you the opportunity to select the class of object from anywhere in the model. However.. using a class from a packages elsewhere in the model as classifier results in the same problem: the simulation just hangs. Using the class from an underlying package works fine again. This is a great drawback in using simulation, because it seems impossible to define your activities and class packages indepently.

Anyone who knows if this is by design, or perhaps a way to work around this problem?


Bugs and Issues / layout messed up after synchronize with code
« on: February 01, 2011, 09:50:27 pm »
After pressing F7 to synchronize with my (C#) code my diagram is all messed up (like a bad auto layout)  >:(. The global auto layout option is set to 'never'.  EA version is 8.0.857
Any suggestions how to avoid this are much appreciated.

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