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General Board / Re: Effective Use Cases
« on: May 15, 2002, 01:21:41 am »
This is an interesting one for sure.

I agree with the comments of this thread in that it is difficult to format the Use Case for documented output. I think I may have previously requested that some of the edit boxes support rtf or html so that the content could be formated in subsequent output. It is also time consuming to enter a Use Case via a series of dialogs (although this appears to be the approach taken by most modelling/CASE tools).

Currently, I am using the ActiveX interface to retrieve the Use Case components and format them into a Word document. Therefore, I would prefer the Use Case components to remain seperate. Note that I have modelled the Use Case Trigger by adding a new constraint called Trigger.

Maybe what is required is some kind of data entry window that is based on the the underlying Use Case XML schema/components but allows the user to configure which components are displayed via some kind of template (XSL ?)


General Board / Automation Interface - Dual Interface
« on: March 05, 2002, 05:02:23 am »
Would it be possible to extend the current Automation inteface into a Dual Interface i.e. vtable (early binding).

Having a typlib for this would give the benefits of compile time checking and Intellisense(autocomplete) in VB, VC++, etc.

Thanks, Darren.

General Board / Relationship Matrix Profiles
« on: March 05, 2002, 07:24:58 am »
Thanks for the Relationship Matrix Profiles this has made life a lot easier.

Of course you should have realsied this would be the thin end of the wedge!

Possible enhancement that would make the matrix even more useful: package property to exclude package from matrix, even better would be to exclude/include package from matrix for particular profiles.

Thanks again. Darren.

General Board / Relationship Matrix
« on: February 26, 2002, 03:20:58 am »
The relationship matrix is proving extremely useful but there are a couple of enhancements I would like to suggest:

1. Profiles: an additional drop down that would allow the settings Source, Target, etc. to be saved under a name for easy recall later.

2. An entity in the tree browser to open the matrix with a particular profile.

I know I can access the data directly (currently do this for more complex rules) but for basic enquirys having this built in would be extremely useful.

Thanks, Darren.

General Board / Re: XML Import
« on: January 07, 2002, 06:26:51 am »

I'm assuming this happens because the package is deleted first as part of the import and that some sort of referential integrity is deleting the now broken links between the diagram and Requirement elements that no longer exist until the import completes :-/

General Board / XML Import
« on: January 03, 2002, 08:06:24 am »
This is a repost from the old forum :o

I have an EAP with all our common requirements modelled in detail.

I have a number of seperate EAPs (the build & delivery projects) that import the common requirements via a controlled package. However, when importing, the original package is deleted thus removing the realisation links between diagrams and the requirements. Is there anyway of refreshing the requirements in the delivery projects without loosing the diagram links?

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