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I get an error

DAO.Database [3464] Data type mismatch in criteria expression

when setting up an element filter on RTF template document options to render
- only elements having tests of testclass one of 1,2,3,4,5
- and only element test of  testclass one of 1,2,3,4,5
(otherway : want to exclude elements without tests or testclass = 6)

Setting up a filter criteria on t_objecttests.testclass is not working,
- neither from Document Options->Element Filters
- nor from Document Options->Other Filters
- nor from Find in Project->Query Builder

None of the operators EqualTo, Not Equals, One Of can be used, no chance for the user to input the correct type to avoid the problem!

The error persists in EA 12.0.1212, 12.1.1229, 13.0.1306
Its a very frustrating one as it prevents us from running test reports!

Any help on this is welcome to get around this.

Jens Nötzold


today I upgraded from EA 12.1.1215 to latest 12.1.1229

Selecting a template from within the document template editor results in an empty page, the editor headline and tab bears a garbled/truncated template name.

Starting template editing from the resources view or the document generation dialog still works.

Jens Nötzold

General Board / diagram appearance on different screens
« on: September 05, 2007, 12:27:09 am »

my team is working on different computer having screen resolutions that vary from 85 to 150 ppi.
If a diagram in the model is created on a 85 ppi screen, the diagramm elements will overlap on 150 ppi.

Obviously EA uses fonts with real sizes (x pts) for text elements, but stores all other primitives in pixel ordinates.

Is there a way to make diagrams look the same on different computers?



overriding the default UML::Activity toolbox with an MDG Techn. does not work as stated in the documentation. (RedefinedToolbox=UML::Activity ....)

The toolbox shows up on a custom diagram type, if a diagram profile is incorporated.

What am I missing!??

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