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General Board / Publishing HTML reports and SharePoint
« on: January 12, 2010, 02:52:55 pm »
Does anyone have any suggestions on nicely presenting html exports of the EA model into SharePoint?

I have found that if you set the save location for the html report as a SharePoint library you get millions of files as part of the html packages and it messes up all your 'relevant documents' and 'my site' etc.

Also, it would be nice if there was a web part that could be pointed at the resulting html model to render the model or the diagrams. So far I have used:
1) Page Viewer Web Part (iFrame) to display the My Computer location of the html files so that you can open the EA html model from SharePoint. For this I use 'display folders' and point at the filepath of the parent folder.
2) The diagram images seem to assume a different <filename>.png each time you refresh the export of the html. This means that if you are pointing a Content Editor Web Part at a static filepath to the .png of a diagram it won't get updated when you refresh the html generation. Why is this?
3) Is there a better stylesheet that anyone could share that works better or looks more 'SharePoint'?

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated  8-)

General Board / DO NOT save your .EAP file to SharePoint Library
« on: January 12, 2010, 01:30:54 pm »
This will not work as the .eap cannot create the .ldb file it needs to record changes, then merge back into a single .eap file on model closure.  :-/

More details on this issue here:

General Board / Mapping lanes and pools as organisation hierarchy
« on: January 06, 2009, 09:45:15 am »

If a process model has been defined with many standard lanes and pools, it is required to document/produce a diagram which displays the relationships between those pools and lanes. This would appear as an organisation hierarchy.

e.g. the hierarchy of pools and lanes might be:
1.0 organisation pool
-1.1road office lane
--1.1.1 CTO actor lane
--1.1.2 Road office worker lane
2.0 Customer Pool
3.0 Supplier pool

Is there a way that the lanes and pools can be dragged onto a diagram type that would allow the lanes and pools to be linked like an ERD or class diagram format? Or could an ERD be made and the lanes and pools linked into the ERD elements in the same way that requirements can be linked into activies in a process diagram?

The purpose would be to show the context in the organisation that each lane and pool fits in to.

Alternatively is there an option to do the same thing using the actor element? This could also work as a solution although not all the lanes and pools are yet defined as actors so it wouldn't immediately be as easy to produce.

Any help would be appreciated, cheers!  ::)

General Board / Using custom stereotypes
« on: January 08, 2009, 01:54:10 pm »
I have a model with many process diagrams in a hierarcichal structure. The process diagrams use the BPMN diagram type.

From a business perspective the processes follow the hierarchy:
mega process
major process

I was thinking of adding these four labels as custom stereotypes so that when a new process diagram is made it can be flagged as one of these types. In the resulting report the diagram name can be extracted as well as the stereotype name which identifies the relevance of the individual diagram in the context of the entire business process model.

1) Is the stereotype the right place to record this info? (i.e. mega process, major process etc)
2) When I add a custom stereotype I have to select a base class. Which base class should I select for a diagram of BPMN type? Currently I can't figure the correct one to use so specify 'all'.

Bugs and Issues / RTF documentation error - "error creating font."
« on: November 22, 2010, 11:26:57 am »
I have a user with build 8.058 who gets a repeating "error creating font." dialogue box appear when generating rtf documents. The error pops up literally hundereds of times before the docuement can be completed.

We are using office 2k7.

Can you pls advise the cause of this error so our IT support can investigate?

Bugs and Issues / RTF report not displaying diagram elements
« on: August 20, 2010, 08:03:32 am »
I am attempting to generate an RTF report for use case structured scenarios. The actors and some use cases are not contained in the package having the diagram, and when I generate the RTF the report does not automatically include all use cases and actors displayed on the contained diagram, as I would expect.

I am using EA v8.0.858
I have set the diagram properties 'Document each container element in RTF' in the diagram properties screen
I have set 'Include all diagram elements in report' in the 'Generate RTF Documentation' screen before clicking 'Generate'

Is there a bug that conflicts use case scenarios with the ability to include diagram elements in the report? I ask this becase the standard template 'use case scenario template' does not work either even after modifying to include the sections 'child packages' 'Element > Child Elements' etc.

The closest I can get is including 'Diagram > Element' but this only works if only the 'name' field is included and breaks if 'notes' is also displayed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Bugs and Issues / Message Flow Properties window - General Tab
« on: April 26, 2010, 12:06:49 pm »
When opening the properties of a message flow or sequence flow (in BPMN diagram) the window always defaults to the 'Constaints' tab.

Is it possible to change this so that the window defaults to the 'General' tab?

I am trying to add a name to the connectors and with the defualt being constraints tab it adds an extra step to every single connector which is quite time wasting.

Bugs and Issues / Spell Check - cannot add new word to dictionary
« on: May 04, 2010, 12:26:26 pm »
Im spell checking my ea model and when a word comes up that is relevant to my industry I would like to add it to the dictionary - but this fails with the following message

"Can't add work to user dictionary. File may be read only or disk may be full"

The current project is a SQL based EA model. I've had the exact same problem with the .eap file approach.

How can I overcome this as I need to add our local tech terms to the model so we don't have to have them appear as errors every time? ::)

Bugs and Issues / RTF Documentation issues
« on: January 12, 2010, 01:02:00 pm »
I have a couple of issues with the rtf generator that I can't figure out and thought maybe someone on the forum could help?

a) Styles don't work correctly when using a master document it seems to lose the styles when it merges the multiple rtfs - even if the styles are the same in each of the individual rtf templates being compiled in the master document.

b) If using a filename field it always breaks when the master document is produced.

c) I can't make a master document generate in landscape.

On the positive side  ;D, since Office 2k7 it seems much easier to create good looking rtf templates.... here's some tips which may be useful:

The approach that I take to creating rtf templates is to first create an rtf template in EA that includes the correct data fields with any tables that are required. I do not worry about sizing, pagination etc. I then export the rtf. I then open the exported rtf MS Word 2k7 then apply the formatting, then save a version of the rtf. Re-open EA and import back the updated version of the rtf that has been modified in Word.

The main improvements I’ve noticed since moving from MS Word 2k3 to 2k7 are:
1.      When you format say font type, colour, size and background colour (if in table) in 2k3 often the formatting would restore to some default for the normal style in the EA rtf viewer, but in 2k7 the formatting would more often be interpreted correctly. This saved a great deal of time as there was less rework of the rtf templates
2.      Page layout set to A4 works – in 2k3 it always defaulted back to ‘Letter’ size for some reason (& I don't live in USA  :-X )

Bugs and Issues / cannot create a file error msg
« on: August 03, 2009, 07:15:30 am »
Using EA build 844 (7.5.844) every time we open EA we get a popup message saying "cannot create a file when that file already exists". We also get the same message when we close EA.

This is the same for a few users, all that I have tested. Recently we moved an EA model to a SQL db - not sure if this coincided with the error but was around the same time that the error began occuring.

Any ideas?

The EA application still runs, it is possible to select OK and ignore the error - so we are getting used to it now lol

Bugs and Issues / Activities in BPMN1.1 invisible in project browser
« on: July 30, 2009, 12:36:29 pm »
Using EA build 844 (7.5.844) we have found that in a BPMN 1.1 process diagram that when you add an activity into a lane the activity sometimes disappears from view in the project browser. If the lane that the activity is in has not other elements inside, there will be no '+' to indicate that the activity is in that lane even though there is an activity in the lane.

It is possible to verify that there IS in fact an activity in the lane by generating the html report which will show how it should be.

With the 'invisible' activity, using the function 'find in project browser' will move the scrollbar of the project browser to the place where the activity should be, but the activity remains invisible.

Any ideas on what is happening here? the resulting problem is that for rtf documents if the doc order is based on order in the project browser but you cannot see the item in the project browser there is no control over order in the documents.

Bugs and Issues / BPMN Pools and Lanes don't nest
« on: July 30, 2009, 12:39:37 pm »
Using EA build 844 (7.5.844) we have found that in a BPMN 1.1 process diagram that pools don'l allow lanes to nest using the diagram, you can only nest the lane using the project browser. If you do this, then the lane is nested correctly, but then every activity will be nested into the POOL but not the lane :(

Any thoughts on why this is? Is it a feature or a bug? It appears to have happened in one of the latest few releases as it used to work differently - what I would have said was the correct way - prior.

Any help would be appreciated

Bugs and Issues / rtf Report defaults page layout to letter
« on: June 16, 2009, 02:12:27 pm »
When I generate an rtf report using the model document to nest multiple document templates my documents always come out in letter page layout (I need A4 however). Is there a way to prevent this?

I am using 7.5.844 and have checked the page layout of each individual template and all are set to A4.

Bugs and Issues / RTF Report SearchName filter error
« on: December 03, 2008, 01:33:19 pm »
I have set up a model document and added a pre-defined search into the SearchName field for the model document. (Using EA v7.1.832)

The pre-defined search has been tested on the same package and yeilds the correct result, but when used in the model document for the RTF generator the search is ignored and all data is returned. Why? :o

Bugs and Issues / HTML Report element hierarchy is flat list
« on: December 03, 2008, 01:28:21 pm »
When generating an HTML report for a package the hierarchy browser on the left of the resulting HTML report becomes flat. This seems to only happen with some packages whilst others maintain the folder structure correctly and allow you to expand and collapse.

Is there a reason why the HTML report is losing the hierarchy and displaying the elements in a flat list in the left hand side of the HTML report?


(Using EA v7.1.832)

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