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Bugs and Issues / Delayed display of properties in SysML
« on: November 24, 2015, 08:59:05 pm »

Whenever I establish an association for eg. a part association in a BDD the property is not displayed inside the block element (visibility is on). I have to establish a second association from another block and as it is done the property based on the first association pops up. So whenever I finish a BDD I need to create a dummy block, connect it to another block and the delete it from the model so everything is visible in the diagram. Or is there a refresh button I missed?

Uml Process / Re: Block elements and compartments in SysML
« on: November 25, 2015, 02:40:35 am »
I`ll restructure my post.
How to create:

part properties:
To create part properties create a composite aggregation relationship from the block you wish to represent the type for the part to the block that represents the owner
Yes, but the referring compartment is just called "properties" in EA which I think is confusing because there are numbers of different properties such as reference properties, value properties,... So the "parts" compartment in SysML theory is equivalent to the "properties" compartment in EA?

value properties:
attributes (EA's name for value properties).
The attributes are listed in a separate compartment but unfortunately the compartment does not have a label or headline (such as "values").

reference properties:
Assuming you have created a reference association between two blocks on a BDD then you can turn on the "References" option from the dialogue properties window. However, EA will not display this information if the two blocks are already on the same diagram (since that would be redundant information). If however you were to delete one of the two blocks from the diagram then EA will then add a reference compartment to the remaining block showing those things it is associated with...

On the other hand a shared association creates a property displayed in the reference compartment but the textbook says that reference properties belong to the reference association

I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say a "shared association". EA is different from other programs (such as Rhapsody). In other modellling programs the associations you create between elements are tangible model elements that you can see in the model browser... no so in EA.

EA (or SysML itself I don't know) calls an Aggregation also a Shared Association (hollow diamond). This relationship automatically creates a reference (?!) property within the block and displays it immediately in the reference compartment (so yes, there is redundancy!).
However a reference association, as you said, creates no property within the block (seen in the model browser) and there is no option to turn on "references" in the properties because no property is created from the connection. The connection itself does not have the option to turn on references.

EA presently does not support receptions

same as values. No label on the compartment

Uml Process / Block elements and compartments in SysML
« on: November 24, 2015, 08:54:18 pm »
I am new to SysML and EA so maybe the questions I have are stupid.

1) Is there an option inside a BDD respectively a block element where I can open all allowable compartments from SysML like part, reference, value, receptions etc. Then type in my properties thus the properties are created in my model?
If not, then it would be really helpful to know how to create an association that is equivalent to the part properties displayed in the part compartment. I assumed it would be the part association but this only creates a general property. On the other hand a shared association creates a property displayed in the reference compartment but the textbook says that reference properties belong to the reference association.
I also tried to create a value property. Any advice here how to do that?

2) Second question is about multiplicity. I can`t find the option where to show the multiplicity of an instance inside a compartment (not on an association)

I`m using EA 12.

Thank you, any advice is much appreciated  :)

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