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E.g. in SysML it is not unusual, having ports and properties with no name in cases where the port/property is typed/classified (at least as long as there is only on port/property of that type).

However due to the fact that the Relationship Matrix do not allow to show the type, those unnamed elements cannot be identified by the user.
An option to show the type of the element as well would allow to use the Relationship Matrix for unnamed elements as well.

Bugs and Issues / Testing features seem to be broken in V13
« on: April 07, 2017, 06:57:06 pm »
When you enter a new test you can neither select Run By nor Checked By nor Last Run.
When you try to change Status and Save the error message “Test not run yet. Set the Result to the default i.e. ‘Not Run’ is shown !?!?!?

Found in build 1310.

Bugs and Issues / EA response is super slow in V13!?
« on: April 05, 2017, 01:43:20 am »
I have be model were now even elementary actions like selection of a package in project browser or selecting an element on a diagram takes round about a minute to be finished.

I exported and imported (xml) the stuff in an new model (eap) to find out if I get rid of the problem but it is still there.
I also switched of all add-ins and non Sparx MDG’s. -> Problem still there.

Then I started to delete step by step packages in the hope to isolate something that causes the problem.
By doing so I came in an area of SysML blocks with a considerable amount of ports where each time I deleted something the EA response got a little bit faster.

These performance issues I see in V13:1304 and 1309, but I do not have in V12:1215
Anyone knowing something about that? Any idea?

Bugs and Issues / License Agreement Questions
« on: March 22, 2017, 11:30:18 pm »
Hi Simon,
Referring to,38090.0/topicseen.html
some question regarding license agreement came in my mind.

I have a script mainly doing the following:
•   Transfer Project SQL db to eap
•   Remove security
•   Check In to version control

Currently this script runs on local machines/users only.

However I intend to deploy that on Jenkins (Time Triggered).
Doing so, I would have one user triggering the service (the Jenkins machine/or one could say just the time).

So in this case I would not violate the license agreement, right?

If so, and if I would have another script to do some document generation things like this:

•   Check out model from version control
•   Do some document generation.

If the trigger to call that would be the commit of the model to version control, than I would not violate the license agreement when the version control commit was done by Jenkins but I would violate the license agreement if the commit was done by a human user, right?,38090.0/topicseen.html

There are some features available to share SQL searches with others.
However when you create a search within a project this cannot be  immediately used by other project members.

Having in addition to the “My Searches” e.g. a “Project Searches” container not bound to a user, would allow using such searches immediately without e.g. notify all users to import that stuff or without the need create and import a new version of something.

The traceability view is a good tool to get more information about an element e.g. its usage
However that view should provide as well information about in which state machine transaction a selected trigger is used.

General Board / Sharing filters
« on: March 02, 2017, 06:57:10 pm »
Is there a way to share filters with other users without doing import/export or without MDG?

General Board / Find usage of triggers in state machines
« on: March 02, 2017, 01:24:26 am »
Does anyone know a build in feature to answer the following question.

In which state machine transitions a certain trigger is used?

Suggestions and Requests / Search/Browse Diagram; Make Dockable, flowtable
« on: February 08, 2017, 09:06:45 pm »
I have some users only interested in looking on diagrams (more or less). These “no EA power users” have problems to find the diagrams, they are invested in, due to the other stuff they see in the Project Bowser.

The Browse Diagram feature serves good for the need of those users, but instead of opening each time the Browse Diagram dialog it would be better to keep that dialog open and having the possibility to arrange it on the workbench as all the other “view”.

Suggestions and Requests / Search/Browse Diagram; Visible Diagram Types
« on: February 08, 2017, 09:05:14 pm »
Visible Diagram Types allow filtering to diagram types, but only ALL, InteractionOverview, Sequence, Communication and Timing.

Not idea why to these diagram types only, but allowing filtering to other diagram types would be a good new feature.

As any other element diagrams are capable to hold notes. These notes can e.g. hold information, providing some information what the content of the diagram is, background information or any other information which is regarded as useful.
The Specification Manager is a good feature to edit and view notes of several elements, however diagrams are filtered out.
Please allow to show and use diagrams in the Specification Manager as well.

As any other element packages are capable to hold notes. These notes can e.g. hold information, providing some information what the content of the package is, background information or any other information which is regarded as useful.
The Specification Manager is a good feature to edit and view notes of several elements, however packages are filtered out.
Please allow to show and use packages in the Specification Manager as well.

The initial problem came when I tried to force a project to move from V12 to V13.

Within that project there are some stereotypes defined in “UML Types” with some default colors. After using V13 some elements did not show those colors.

After looking on that I realized that this happens on elements using stereotype names defined twice. Once in a MDG technology and once in “UML Types”.

So it seem that in V12 layout defined in “UML Types” wins but in V13 the MDG wins.

My idea was to use a script having in my script library to remove the MDG stereotype from the elements, but according sterotypeEx the element has got one stereotype only, but when looking in the element properties dialoged on such an element two stereotypes are checked (stName and MDGName::stName).

Any idea how to get rid of  MDGName::stName by script or at least to make stName color win again?

Bugs and Issues / SysML port size changes unmotivated
« on: December 22, 2016, 01:58:42 am »
When you have a port within a block and you assign a stereotype to it AND the stereotype changes the color appearance (in my case defined in a MDG) the default port size changes from 5mm x 5 mm to roundabout 20 mm x 30 mm.
A stereotype only defining change in color should not change the size! :'(

When first started with reusable assets, it was ok for me to overwrite the old version.

After the assets got more mature I managed to hold different versions of an asset within the same storage. But now I have overwritten an old version by mistake, and by that I realized that it is not really clear to me what I have to do to over right a version and how to create a new version.

I have done both already but honestly I have no glue how.

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