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Uml Process / Concurrent Paths but do not come together
« on: April 12, 2005, 02:48:38 pm »
Please let me know if these questions are not appropriet.

I am learning UML and in the book I am reading it shows how to diagram concurrent paths in an activity diagram.  All their examples show the concurrent activities comming back together.  But I have some source code in which the paths do not come back together but end separately.

Below is my guess to diagram this.

The digram below is probably self explanatory but I will tell you what it is in case it is not.

We have a proposal generation system.  Brokers log into the system through a web interface and make changes to existing proposals (they create them too but this diagram only shows modifying).  All admins then get an email notification stating that a proposal was changed.  I coded this system.  Since emailing takes a long time, I decided to run it in a background thread so that the broker would not have to wait so long.

Here is a diagram.  Have I diagrammed it correctly?

Uml Process / Re: How to diagram and IF statement that has no EL
« on: April 12, 2005, 06:03:43 am »
Here are 2 diagrams.  After reading the documentation it did seem that joins are used to synchronize threads and diamonds simply merge.  So it seemed more appropriet to use a diamond.  But I also saw examples where there was no diamond when 2 paths go in the same direction.  I created 2 diagrams for each.

This can also be used as a merge node in that multiple alternate flows can be merged (but not synchronized) to form one flow.

The fork/join elements have different modes of use. These are as follows:  
 · To fork or split the flow into a number of concurrent flows.  
 · To join the flow of a number of concurrent flows.  
 · To both join and fork a number of incoming flows to a number of outgoing flows

Here is an image along with the source code it diagrams.
Does anyone see a problem with this?  The one with the extra diamond seems like a lot of symbols to diagram something so simple.

Using Diamond (1 of 2)

Using no Diamond (2 of 2)

Uml Process / How to diagram and IF statement that has no ELSE?
« on: April 11, 2005, 06:52:58 pm »
I am new to UML and have been reading about Activity diagrams and about deconstructing an activity with actions.

After reading, I decided to open some of my code and practice diagramming the actions.

I ran into a problem right away.

In UML there is the diamond which is a branch and the path to take depends on what the gaurd says.

But, I was trying to diagram this:

Code: [Select]

            if NewLine <> '' then


I do not understand how the IF statement gets diagrammed into the flow.

Can someone explain how UML says to diagram this?

Btw - DoSomething() sets NewLine to '', so the IF statement must be shown as executing before the DoSomething() function.

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