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Does the MDG Integration for Microsoft Office run with x64 Office 2013?  

I tried multiple things to get it going but the Ribbons just do not show up in any of the products (Word, Excel, PP).  

Thank you,

Is there any documentation available for the new MDG Integration for Microsoft Office?

After downloading it, I am not finding it very intuitive, so I am not getting very far trying to use it.

Thank You!!!

We have added a new download to the Software Process Engineering Web site which is used to reverse Engineering ASP.NET applications to the Web Application Extension (WAE) UML Profile in SPARX Enterprise Architect.

Get it here

This Visual Development Case UML Profile for SPARX Enterprise Architect is intended to make creating a development case easier and more of a visual process.

Read more about it and download it from here:

We have added a new download to the Software Process Engineering site. WAE ASPX Patterns. They are UML patterns created using SPARX Enterprise Architect (EA) and they are indented to be used with the Web Application Extension (WAE) UML Profile.

You can read about them and get them from here:

I have created a new UML Profile used to map and plan the contents of a custom built Eclipse Process Framework Plug-ins.

You can read about it and get a link to the download here:

I have built a template in Sparx EA that I re-use on each product line engineering project I do that contains all the stereotypes needed for a project.

Get it here:

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